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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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Cakman is back! IT'S MY TURN TO DO STUFF.
Hey, everyone! For those who are long(ish) time readers of the liveblog, you will recognize me as AHR's suboordinate/superior in blogging. Unfortunately, since the switch to this new format, the drive to comment has been dulled, as it's sort of felt as though my comments are a bit hidden away and whatnot. AHR, however, has informed me that it is now my job to review the "El Goonish Shive: NP" strips, which I am unsure of the meaning, backstory, and purpose of. AHR gave me her password and whatnot, so I'll just be posting as her.

I will once again repeat that I have no clue as to what the El Goonish Shive: NP strips are. As I click the link to look at the first one (the image hasn't loaded yet), I notice the line below that states in emboldened print EL GOONISH SHIVE: NP IS A SUBCOMIC OF EL GOONISH SHIVE. The following text says that "NP" stands for "Newspaper," because the format is similar to that of newspaper funnies. Now, on that very note, while newspaper funnies have had their gems- Gary Larson was an absolute genius, Bill Watterson still holds a place in my heart, Scott Adams has a funny strip every now and then, Charles Schultz gave us a kick-ass piano riff, and Aaron Mc Gruder showed us that anime isn't just for Nipon- as a whole, Newspaper comics, well... Suck. They really suck. Beetle Baily never was and never has been funny, The Lockhorns seem to be in a loveless and tragic marriage, Close to Home is trying too hard to be The Far Side, Cathy is the comic equivalent of Norbit, Marmaduke makes my soul die each time I read it )though it HAS been made funny by external sources, and to this day I have no idea why Hi and Lois even exists (besides the admittedly decent pornography made out of out one of the titular characters). So if its inspiration is taken into consideration, I may very well be in for a difficult time.

But with that said, I would consider myself to be a fair man, and I will give this comic the complete benefit of the doubt, going into it with absolutely no pre-ordained notions about El Goonish Shive. I will set aside all of my Batemanesque tortures that I'd like to put each of its cast members through until it gives me reason to hate it so. In other words: Comic? This is your chance to convert me. Make me into a fan. And I'd also like to state that it has nothing to do with the sexual aspects of the comic or some "die furry die" shit- I am a regular browser of pornography, and a regular masturbator. And I do not discriminate. Short of feces and guro, I'm game. In fact, transformation can be quite hot if done well. And furry porn to me is pretty much the same as regular drawn porn. I never saw the big deal there. If I'm already jacking off to penciled representations of humans, what the hell does it matter whether they have fur or not?

But I'm getting off topic. My main point is that I am still open to being persuaded by the comic that it doesn't suck. All it needs to do is convince me otherwise.

So let's get started! I now present to you all, the first ten El Goonish Shive: Newspaper strips!











Feh. No change here. No change at all. It's still Dan Shive up to his usual shenanigans. And glancing at the chart, he ''really'' needs to start drawing some friggin backgrounds. And that silhouette thing? Where he doesn't fill in the characters? It's not artistic. It's lazy.

Ehh. Whatever. I'll see you all next time when I hijack AHR's account again. I'm sure the rest of El Goonish Shive: NP will be boatloads of fun.
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