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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive

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18th Dec '14 4:58:52 PM flag for mods
To be realistic, I should imagine reading this arc strip by strip, every few days, with no idea as to when the nightmare will end.

Owowowowowowowowowow OW!

Bad idea.
Myrmidon 23rd Jul 11
"This is just painfully awkward." I'll never know... I'm asexual, so the romance plots never really draw me in. I guess you have to be blind to enjoy... ugliness? Ugh, I can't think of a good metaphor... Anyways, I stand by what I said before: I enjoy this for the comedy.
LongNose 24th Jul 11
"DEM EYES." Yes, those creeped me out a bit, too.
LongNose 24th Jul 11
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