The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



Well, there is ONE difference. Melissa specifically wants to shag Justin...or at least, she originally did. Justin does not want to shag Nanase.
MrAHR 1st Feb 11
Well, all I can say is: I am glad this blog exists, or else I'd have to try and make it myself. I was stunned not to find El Goonish Shive on the Bad Webcomics Wiki and other sources. I'm glad that someone can help sooth my pain of being a former fan who, after years of being bored, got completely turned off by the lack of silly in Bringing Silly Back.
BobCat 8th Feb 11
Humans can purr. I do it the time.
KendraKirai 9th Feb 11
If you do, you are doing it specifically to impersonate a cat. No human has ever been so happy that they purred. It's difficult to do. You have to clench your throat and everything.
Cakman 9th Feb 11
I *have* been so happy I've purred.
KendraKirai 9th Feb 11
I think the important thing is that Shive is pretty much fetishizing the act and trying to pass it off as innocent. After all, regardless of how possible it is for someone to purr, Nanase immediately going to Ellen and snuggling in her hands is rather OOC considering all the wangsting she's done about being Ellen's twu wuv.
MrAHR 10th Feb 11
Well, in that case, Kendra, congratulations. Your life is El Goonish Shive. Apart from your idiosyncrisies and other feline/primate half breeds, I think it's safe to say that humans, on average, do not pur.
Cakman 10th Feb 11