The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive



  1. 481. Susan just glared at him. JEREMY hit him. Now, unless Susan and/or Jeremy are psychically linked, I don't see how that's Susan's fault.

  2. 482. Unstable molecules. That's all they need to say in Marvel comics.
KendraKirai 9th Feb 11
Well, if you want for me to call out how no cat would ever do that and it's a really stupid form of retribution, or create a liveblog called The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of Marvel Comics, just give the word.
MrAHR 9th Feb 11
Hey, Jeremy's pretty smart for a

He's much more cognizant of things than Brownie, who's portrayed far closer to a real cat.
KendraKirai 9th Feb 11
It is never implied Jeremy is smarter or stupider than your average cat, unless I'm forgetting something, and he is still a cat.

Not only that, but it's still a very lazy form of in-universe retribution for a very legitimate point Justin made.
MrAHR 10th Feb 11