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Goggle Fox:

The fairy doll thing is freakish and wrong. Then again, there's a lot that qualifies, there.
Cakman 20th Dec 10

  • Why couldn't Elliot's character been a more flawed one, and instead of being a "FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL MANKIND" maybe had a problem with BEING a bully, so when he sees others do it he flies off the handle? See what I just did there? That's called a character flaw, and it adds to the character's realness.
  • I still don't get what he sees in that God damn hammer gag. Jesus.
  • And why is Susan ultra-protective of Tedd now? Just because his parents are divorced? So what? Half the marriages in the US end in divorce. There's a lot of kids like that.

  • Holy shit, that was an over-explained joke. She might as well have said "Since when are you into music by Curt Cobaine of the band Nirvana, not the nirvana of which Indian religions believe in which you are probably actually referring to end joke now?"
  • Still not sure why it can't just be magic: the gathering.
  • What is the point of this strip? There is absolutely none. And it will be soon forgotten.

  • Aw shit! Grace is going to a movie theater! DO WACKY HIJINX ENSUE?!
  • Can you tell, guys?! NANASE IS GONNA BE A LESBIAN.

  • Oh, and have I mentioned this power? I haven't? Well she's had it all along. Maybe you should pay attention better.

  • How about you, I don't know. Fly UPWARD, so the cat can't get you?
  • And that "meow" line annoys me for two reasons: Number one, cat meows aren't loud enough to wake you from a nap unless it's being done repeatedly and annoyingly, like they're trying to get your attention. Number two: A cat is silent when it is hunting something. That's what makes them good hunters. So the cat wouldn't be meowing. And why is Ellen even sleeping anyways?

  • You shoud KNOW where you hit. Besides the trajectory being impossible for you to get stuck like that, you should know the feeling of SKIN.
  • Also, though you can't tell since it's a comic, her voice would be really high-pitched if she was shrunk down to that size. Just an interesting fact.

  • How about "Hey Ellen. I'm using a trick I learned. Want to hang out on Friday?"
  • Also, reusing the joke from two panels ago ≠ funny.
  • Why's Nanase, like... Brownish?

  • Actually, AHR, this is a very popular fetish. Macrophilia, I believe is the term.
  • The joke feels forced. Why is Ellen so desperate to know what they'll do? Nanase just wants to know if she's free.

  • You think Shive thought that he was being 'coy' with their interaction here?

  • o_O Whoa. The inking is suddenly a lot more noticeable. It looks... Decent.
  • And note how the two characters are so excited to be able to hang out with the awesome Grace.
  • Also, look at the second panel. Once you see how fucked up Sarah's eyes are, you will never be able to unsee it.
Cakman 20th Dec 10