The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive




Heh. Pretties. Like the wickid witch of the west. Heh.

  • Why does fire do... Anything at all? What did he do? Did he just touch it with a lighter? Wouldn't the lighter go out?
  • Remember AHR, confidence if key. You don't need to tell us that you're nitpick ranting. We believe in you already, so self- deprecation isn't necessary.
  • Good point about the goo not doing anything bad.

  • I know. I'm a horrid artist, as you can see by my avatar.
  • "Man do I love knowing..." is a bizarre title for the comic. Were people really "into" the comic at this point? Was there REALLY anyone on the edge of their seat wondering WHO that mystery figure could be in this 22nd comic strip?
  • AHR, what exactly are you saying "No" to?

  • Ew. This entire situation annoys me.
  • God damn, AHR. You hit on every point that annoyed me. Even the suspection that Shive was the one asking a girl out. Good going.

  • Actually, I kind of disagree with you on this issue, AHR. Sarah's speech here comes off as forced and preachy. Like he's going out of his way to say "SEEE!? MY CHARACTER IS DIFFERENT!"
  • She seems to know Ted and Elliot well enough by this point. Wouldn't they know that she doesn't enjoy chick flicks?
  • And on that same point, it's also unrealistic for her to say "Anything but a chick flick". They're staring at a Marquee, so she would just say the movie titles. But she doesn't, and it's not just bad writing. It's so Ted can directly serve the LOL STRAW CHAUVANIST role, and she can serve her LOL I BEAT UP GUY role.
  • Other than that, good points AHR.

  • This is where the comic begins to grate me even more. Why the hell would ticket-taker act like that? Unless he OWNS the god damn theater, which he obviously doesn't, as it is clearly a large enough theater to have multiple movies playing at the same time. So this guy would be immediately fired.
  • Not to mention the fact that this is the assumption the guy is making: One guy entering with two girls = GUY WHO IS HAVING SEX WITH TWO GIRLS. Does this awkward assumption carry over when a parent brings their child to the movie theater?
  • Why does Ted have a Santa clause hat? Do they actually sell those as legitimate hats for keeping warm?
  • Is the implication in the third panel that the women will fuck Elliot because he bought them something, or that they will fuck Elliot because he bought them Diet Soda over regular soda? I would guess the former, but then why specifically say diet soda?
  • Also, AHR, with your art comments, remember to take a tip from the old "Marmaduke Explained" comics in the sense that things come across funnier when you put them simply- for instance, it probably would have played better if you just said "Elliot now has a Simpson's nose." rather than what you have, although that's a complete matter of opinion.

Cakman 11th Dec 10