Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Shrine of the Sea God Revisited

Hi everybody! Today, we start some plot required stuff for once. We're heading back to the Shrine of the Sea God.

We start by heading back to where we caught Breath. Near that spot is a few puddles we can use Frost on to open a path... to a jumping puzzle. Great, more crappy puzzles.

After clearing all the jumps, we go over a few bridges, and one breaks, taking us to a Rusty Staff.

A couple of rooms later, we reach a circle of 6 stepping stones. Reveal shows a seventh one in the middle of them, and we use it to get to a strange statue.

This statue looks a lot like the one in Daila's Sanctum.

Huh, I guess it does. We use the Sea God's Tear on it and the water level rises, taking us up to a tower. At the top of the tower is the Right Prong. This seems even more useless than the rusty weapons.

Hmm. That was a lot shorter than I thought it was. Well, I should go back to Yallam. Yallam is going to pretty much our home base, we'll keep going back there as we get more and more forgable items.

On the way, Piers reaches level 22 and learns Eruption. Jenna reaches level 22 and also learns Eruption as well as Resist. At least the fact that we're in the sea all the time makes Mars elemental spells somewhat useful.

At Yallam, the Rusty Staff forges into the Glower Staff. Sunshine can't do anything with the Right Prong though.

Well, that's all for now. Next update should be an elemental rock, so maybe we'll actually have a long update!


Felix: Lv 22 Cavalier (Venus) HP:354 PP:123 Attack:260 Defence:165 Agility:110 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 22 Enchanter (Mars) HP:320 PP:134 Attack:258 Defence:158 Agility:103 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 21 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:306 PP:154 Attack:236 Defence:149 Agility:124 Luck:6

Piers: Lv 22 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:283 PP:126 Attack:238 Defence:159 Agility:170 Luck:6

Djinn: 5 Venus, 4 Mars, 4 Jupiter, 5 Mercury