Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Taopo Swamp

Hi all! Today, we're going to Taopo Swamp, a small side area that gets us a few forgable items. From Yallam, we head north and around the mountains a long way until we finally reach the swamp.

When we enter the swamp, we are immediately faced with creepy music. We start by heading east, Moving a pillar into the swamp, then using Whirlwind to get to a Tear Stone that we have to Scoop up.

We then have to try and cross the swamp. When we walk on it, we sink down, and have to get to some bubbles to lift us back up before we sink under. Sidequesting is a dirty job.

Going southwest takes us to a Cookie. Felix gets the PP boost.

Next we head southeast. One Whirlwind later and we're in a cave. We get past some ventilation shafts, and then Move a pillar in the way of one, which knocks a Venus Djinn of a nearby cliff. Heh heh heh, Djinn fall down.

(Please note that Some Color Mage does in no way condone slapsticky violence towards Djinn. Even if it is kinda funny.)

We follow it down and it fights us. It falls quickly enough.

Jenna found the Venus Djinni Flower!

Flower gives 12 HP and 4 PP. In battle, it restores 30% of all Adepts HP.

We then walk around a bit and encounter a Mad Plant, who gives us a Lucky Medal upon winning.

Jenna reaches level 21 and learns High Impact.

We follow a path north and uncover another Tear Stone to Scoop up. Now let's get out of this cave.

Outside, we Growth and Whirlwind into another cave. We encounter a spot where we have to create a puddle with Douse, then use Frost on it and jump over it before a vent blows it away.

A couple rooms later, we find a room filled with lava. Which, of course, is not burning us from the heat. We have to Douse a flaming rock, which turns it into an ice pillar, which we Move into the lava and use as a stepping stone! DAMN VIDEO GAME LOGIC!

Next, we have to Tremor a huge rock into a lava river, to divert the lava flow into a lake, changing the paths we can take a bit.

In the final room, the only light is from a flaming rock. We Douse it, and a spot glows. We Scoop there to find some Star Dust.

Well, that was the most useless place ever. Let's go back to Yallam. From our forgable items, we get a Cloud Wand, a Pure Circlet and a Comet Mace.

Well, that's it for now. See you next time, where I still won't advance the plot!


Felix: Lv 21 Cavalier (Venus) HP:343 PP:119 Attack:243 Defence:162 Agility:105 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 21 Enchanter (Mars) HP:310 PP:130 Attack:254 Defence:156 Agility:99 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 21 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:306 PP:154 Attack:216 Defence:149 Agility:124 Luck:6

Piers: Lv 21 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:274 PP:121 Attack:232 Defence:157 Agility:165 Luck:6

Djinn: 5 Venus, 4 Mars, 4 Jupiter, 5 Mercury