Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Return to Madra

Hi guys! Today, we're gonna go around a mess with a few things now that we have Frost.

Let's start with the Kibombo Mountain Range. By using Frost and Growth we get to the Jupiter Djinn we had to pass up earlier. It fights us, but we conjure a few plants under it and it gives up.

Jenna found the Jupiter Djinni Waft!

Waft gives 11 HP and 4 Attack. In battle, it performs a Jupiter Attack plus 40 damage and may inflict Sleep.

We also get the Thor Summon. For 4 Jupiter Djinn, he attacks at 240 Jupiter Power plus 12% of the targets HP, then increases the users Jupiter Power by 100.

Setting Waft puts Jenna into the next class tier up, making her an Enchanter (Mars).

Going through this place, I notice that the area has been designed so that Piers could solo the place just by pushing things around and using Frost. It's nice that they actually thought of that.

Back in Naribwe, we ask to fortune teller for more advice.

Beyond the item before me, I see a path for you to follow. You must forge a weapon to defeat a mortal enemy. Seek out the pieces!

OK. You can keep the Antidote you read that from.

Next stop is the Gondowan Cliffs. Here, we can use Frost near the middle to get the Healing Fungus.

After that, we head to the East Indra Shore. Here...

Piers: My ship! At long last... I have returned to my ship.

All right, we've got a ship! We ask if Piers will take us to Lemuria.

Kraden: And if not, well, we'll just have to get ourselves a boat and find our own way to Lemuria. Right, Felix?

Hell no, I'm not losing a party member over this. Piers decides that we shall go to Lemuria. We ask why, because Kraden wasn't really expecting a yes.

Piers: You have gone to great trouble to help one whose problems needn't have concerned you... Witnessing that kindness... It made me want to help, too.

So we're about to leave, when we realise the mayor of Madra probably wants to know that Piers is safe. But before we go, we get a Cookie using Frost. Felix gets the PP boost.

So we go back to Madra. Outside the mayor's house, a suspicious pink lady is looking around.

Where could Menardi have gone? Where are you, my sister?

That can't be good. Anyway, we talk to the Mayor and family. The Madrans remember they still owe us a reward and gives is the Cyclone Chip! Cyclone blows away plants in the ground.

...Felix? You... He just called you Felix, didn't he?

The pink lady overheard the mayor saying Felix's name. Damn you One Steve Limit! She asks us about Menardi. Alright, let's be sensitive, not talk about Venus Lighthouse. Maybe we should just avoid mentioning Isaac.

Sheba: You won't see Menardi or Saturos ever again. Isaac killed them. They're probably at the bottom of the sea by now...

Damn it Sheba! You do know how insane these Fire Clan people are, right?

I can't believe it... No one has the power to defeat Saturos and my sister...

Isaac's party do. She can tell we're telling the truth by the look on our faces. However, we decide it's a bad idea to talk about Isaac.

What? You feign ignorance? Why? Would you protect him from my fury!?

We don't want to unleash any fury on anyone! We're being heroes here...

Wait, are we heroes? I don't remember any heroic reasons given for trying to restore Alchemy.

Anyway, the lady orders tells us to either hunt down Isaac or get to Jupiter Lighthouse, whatever works best for us.

And I swear that the last thing he sees will be Karst avenging the death of her dear sister!

Karst leaves.

Sheba: Wow. And I thought Saturos and Menardi had issues.

You're not very good at this whole sensitivity thing, are you? We wonder whether we should look for Isaac and warn him or just continue doing what we're supposed to.

Jenna: Believe me, I'd love to see Isaac again, but we just don't have time to look for him. Plus...

Kraden: Even if we did find them, I think there is a good chance we'd end up fighting them.

Oh right. You HAD to make that speech about you and Isaac being enemies, didn't you Felix?

Sheba: But, Jenna... Aren't you and Isaac an item? Couldn't you, you know, do something?

With this, Jenna starts glowing red. That's one big blush.

Jenna: A... An item? No! I mean... It's not like that! Not... really... ...Stupid Sheba...

Great Sheba, you broke her. You've got a really good track record today. Kraden mentions Jupiter Lighthouse and Jenna snaps out of it.

Jenna: But ...what about Garet and the others?

Sheba: Don't you mean... Isaac?

More glowing red. Would you please be quiet, Sheba?

Now that that's over, we've got a few more things to do. First, we find an old couple interested in our Healing Fungus. We give it to them and they thank us by giving us a Mars Djinn!

Sheba found the Mars Djinni Char!

Char gives 9 HP, 2 Attack, 2 Agility and 1 Luck. In battle, it performs a Mars Attack plus 50 damage and may inflict Stun.

We also get the Meteor Summon. For 4 Mars Djinn, it attacks at 240 Mars Power plus 12% of the targets HP, then increases the users Mars Power by 100.

Piers is given Char, and he becomes an Ascetic (Mercury). He can now use Wish! Yay!

Next we go into the Madra Catacombs as we can now finish it off. We take the entrance in town instead of the one outside town we used the first time. It takes us to a door.

Look upon me with eyes of truth... Then the door will open...

Reveal. Too easy. Inside the ruined town, we find an Apple. Ignoring how rotten it probably is, we give Sheba the Attack boost.

Sheba learns Bind at level 18.

A mixture of Move, Lash and Frost takes us to the top floor of a building. We then use Tremor to shake a treasure chest down to the bottom floor. The chest contains a Lucky Medal. Gee, how useful.

We also find the Ruin Key in the house. Using it in the basement opens a path to a summon tablet!

Felix can now summon Moloch!

Moloch costs 2 Mercury and 1 Jupiter Djinn. It attacks at 100 Mercury Power plus 9% of the targets HP, halves the Agility of all enemies, then increases the users Mercury Power by 30 and Jupiter Power by 10.

One last thing to do in this update. When we leave town...

Hey! Wait a minute!

The thieves from the first game show up. This is one of the linked events. It was triggered by talking to the mayor of Vault after the thieves escaped.

The thieves are interested in knowing where Isaac is. We don't know, I thought we established this.

Oh, is that so? Well, I guess we'll just have to give you the reward we'd planned for him.

They attack us. Complete with the original battle theme! They really aren't strong, and still weak to everything. In fact, considering your levels, their stats really didn't climb high enough to compensate.

After the battle, they accidentally reveal that they are thieves.

Kraden: If we asked around, we could probably find a dozen reasons to have you locked up!

The thieves run off, and drop the Golden Boots! In addition to being the best boots in the game, they up Agility. And I'll leave it there. There are still a few more things that we can get in Osenia, but I'm not going all the way over there now. See you next time.


Felix: Lv 18 Cavalier (Venus) HP:298 PP:105 Attack:202 Defence:149 Agility:93 Luck:6

Jenna: Lv 18 Enchanter (Mars) HP:280 PP:117 Attack:198 Defence:133 Agility:83 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 18 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:242 PP:120 Attack:163 Defence:127 Agility:97 Luck:8

Piers: Lv 18 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:256 PP:114 Attack:177 Defence:142 Agility:154 Luck:6

Djinn: 3 Venus, 4 Mars, 4 Jupiter, 5 Mercury


Jenna and Isaac, an item? That'd be silly! Where would they fit into the inventory?
Nyperold 2nd Jan 11
Considering that longswords take up the same amount of room in the inventory as 30 herbs, I reckon you could fit 2 people into an inventory slot. The question is what would be its purpose in battle. :P
SomeColorMage 2nd Jan 11