Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Hi everybody! Short update today, because I sure as hell ain't starting Air's Rock today. First, I change my Djinn to AweStriker's suggestion. Felix gets the Venus Djinn, becoming a Knight, Sheba gets the Mercury Djinn become an Elder, and Jenna stays the same.

And just as we set off for Garoh, Felix reaches level 13 and learns Ragnarok! Yay, psychic sword to the face attack!

After some wandering around because southern Osenia is like a maze, we end up in Garoh. As we climb the hill into town, the sun starts to set, and wolves can be heard in the background.

When we reach the top of the hill, we hear some howling. It's what appears to be some werewolf kid.

Wait, werewolves? There are WEREWOLVES here? Let's run for it.

Except Kraden is now interested, so we can't leave.

Kraden: I don't believe it! Was that a—-

Jenna: A what? Kraden, do you know what that thing was?

Kraden: Well... Perhaps...

Bloody indecive old man. This is why Felix likes being a lying dick to you.

Kraden: I suspect it might have been... a lycanthrope.

In other words, a werewolf. Kraden tries to describe what a lycanthrope is, and then after Sheba points it out, tries to compare them to Adepts.

Kraden: Adepts borrow their abilities from the power of the elements... While lycanthropes borrow theirs from the power of beasts... This is why they take the forms of animals...

I wouldn't say borrow, as using their abilities is involuntary.

Kraden: They may look frightening... But we must try to communicate with them.

Then wait for the bloody daytime when they're not wolves.

Jenna: Is it just me... Or does Kraden seem a little TOO happy to have found werewolves?

Yes, he definitely has.

Kraden: What? Me? Happy to find werewolves? You must be joking!

We're not. Kraden explains that he's just excited about scholarly stuff, like exploring the mysteries of new lands. Like the werewolves of Osenia.

Sheba notices that Kraden knows about the werewolves, which are only on Osenia, despite the fact that he pretty much knows nothing from outside of Tolbi and Angara. So he IS interested in werewolves!

Kraden: All right, so I lied! I'm glad we found werewolves! There! Are you happy!? And you know what!? I even want to get a closer look if I can! So let's go! Let's find us some werewolves!

Okay, I wasn't expecting that response. So let's head into town.

Aww, they're all cloaked and denying the existence of werewolves. But, when we head further up, an old werewolf Reveals his way out of a cave, freaks out over the presence of outsiders, and heads back in. These guys are bad liars.

Well, we won't be able to do anything until we have Reveal, and the shops are closed, so let's go.

I guess we need to head to Air's Rock. Some people here suggest that we will need to use Whirlwind there, so I'll have to mess around with my Djinn every 5 seconds. Fun.

As we leave Garoh, it becomes day again. Next time, I guess we're going to Air's Rock.


Felix: Lv 13 Knight HP:227 PP:55 Attack:132 Defence:97 Agility:79 Luck:4

Jenna: Lv 13 Illusionist (Mars) HP:187 PP:92 Attack:122 Defence:88 Agility:80 Luck:3

Sheba: Lv 12 Elder HP:125 PP:102 Attack:90 Defence:72 Agility:79 Luck:7

Djinn: 2 Venus, 2 Mars, 2 Jupiter, 2 Mercury


Actually if you just unset Sheba's djinni, you'll put her back into Wind Seer, enabling her to use Whirlwind.

Then you can just reset them when you're done.
AweStriker 21st Dec 10
That is what I meant, I guess I just phrased it wrong.
SomeColorMage 21st Dec 10
Y'know, I always kind of hated the elemental rocks. They took far too long for what they were.
Gilphon 22nd Dec 10 (edited by: Gilphon)