Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Yampi Desert

OK people, today we are heading through the Yampi Desert, a supposedly dangerous place we were told not to go near. The thing's we'll do to get a boat...

We start off by messing around with Djinn a bit, to try and get some better stats. I settle with Sheba getting both Venus Djinn, making her a Ruffian, Sheba getting Cannon, making her a Pilgrim (Jupiter), and Felix getting the leftovers and the Mysterious Card.

Near the entrance of the Yampi Desert, we find the Guardian Ring. Rings in The Lost Age actually have somewhat decent effects compared to the first game. The Guardian Ring ups Defence and HP.

We encounter a group of people on the next screen. They've also come via this route to Alhafra, but are stuck. Well, you may be stuck, but we have Psynergy, so *blows raspberry*.

After a battle, I realise I've been an idiot and forgot to make sure I have healing Psynergy. So it's rearrangement time again! Basically I just swap the Venus and Mars Djinn, as Flame User is actually quite nice.

In this next area, there are lots of pillars we can Pound. However, I try to avoid using it, as there are paths we can using by climbing up a wall and jumping on the pillars. This takes us to a Jupiter Djinn, which of course fights us. Weak to Venus, as usual.

Jenna found the Jupiter Djinni Blitz!

Blitz increases HP by 10, PP by 4 and Attack by 3. In battle, it does a Jupiter Attack plus 30 damage and inflicts Stun.

We also get the Atlanta Summon. For 2 Jupiter Djinn, she attacks at 60 Jupiter Power plus 6% of the target's max HP, then increases the user's Jupiter Power by 30.

Now that we have two Jupiter Djinn, I give them both to Jenna, making her an Illusionist (Mars). Felix has Fog and Cannon, and is still a Pierrot.

Soon after, Jenna reaches level 9 and learns Weaken.

Continuing on, something is moving under the sand. We use Pound to make a pillar enter the sand and change the thing's path and make it leave the sand. It's a big scorpion. Let's follow it.

After a few uses of Pound in similar puzzles, we trap the scorpion. We get near the scorpion, and it uses Scoop to send us down into a cavern. And then it fights us.

The King Scorpion is kinda hard. It can inflict Deadly Poison and Stun, and has some hard hitting attacks. It's weak to Mars, though, so Felix and Jenna can hit him pretty hard while Sheba heals.

For winning, we get the Scoop Gem! Scoop lets us uncover hidden treasure and passages under piles of sand. We immediately use it to generate a blast of water to send us out of this cavern. We then go back to a previous area to Scoop open a ladder into another cavern.

Hey! Look! Up there!

The people from before have spotted us. After seeing us, they go look for the ladder. Well, good for them.

We head into another cavern. This one contains sand slides, like the Gaia Blade puzzle from the last game. Solving it takes us to a Hard Nut. Felix gets the Defence boost. I'm assuming it's low because of the Pierrot class.

Felix learns Sabre Dance at level 10.

Another sand slide takes us to the Blow Mace. And now we're back outside.

Sheba learns Cure Well at level 10.

There's a rope we can use Lash on here. It takes us to the Trainer's Whip.

The Trainer's Whip is another item based class, the Tamer. HP, Attack and Defence are great, PP and Agility are low, Luck is horrendous. The Psynergy of the Tamer changes at each tier, but will always have Cure Poison, Impact, Whiplash and Restore. The other spells tend to be Attack modifying. While lower tiers gravitate towards Jupiter and, oddly enough, non-elemental, the higher tiers involve all four elements. It's a nice class.

For now, Felix will be a Tamer and Jenna will be a Pierrot. Sheba stays as is.

And we're out. Next time, we go to Alhafra. (And a bit of Level Grinding)


Felix: Lv 10 Tamer HP:150 PP:34 Attack:88 Defence:61 Agility:50 Luck:1

Jenna: Lv 10 Pierrot HP:123 PP:44 Attack:86 Defence:67 Agility:62 Luck:6

Sheba: Lv 10 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:129 PP:85 Attack:90 Defence:59 Agility:61 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 1 Mars, 2 Jupiter, 1 Mercury