Let's listen to Meta Four's iPod

Meta Four


Listen or download off the Polish mp3.com

I don't know the context of these tracks at all. Are they a complete album? Selections from Vivo's extensive discography? Live tracks? Google Translate doesn't shed much light on this.

The site appears to label all the songs' genre as either Folk or "Dawna" (which Google translates as "Former" or "Old"). It's great stuff, whatever it is. The band is a trio featuring accordion, violin, and bass, with occasional flute and percussion.

First off, "Gipsy Blues" and "L'Alloutte" are both exactly the same song. As far as I can tell, exactly the same performance of the same song. And "Stowik" is an excerpt from this song. I am confuse.

Also, at first I mistook it for "L'Alouette", so I was wondering why it didn't sound more like the song.

"Unzi Me Sevdo" reminds me a bit of tango.

I love the middle portion of "Croatica". It starts at the 2:45 mark with a simple bass line, then the other instruments start soloing over it and everything just builds from there. In fact, if you only listen to one track, listen to this one.