Twin Union: We'll Never Fight Alone! (Sacred Stones Draft)


Interlude #2 (It's been a while)

Now that the team is back together again and almost everyone is close to promoting, I think it's time to do another checkup on the team's stats (compared to the level averages).

  • Eirika: Level 20 Lord; HP: 30(+.7); Str: 11(-.6); Skill: 16(-3.4); Speed: 17(-3); Luck: 15(-1.4); Def: 7(-1.7); Res: 3(-3.7); Con: 5; Swords: A (According to this, Eirika continues to lag in many areas. At least promotion is coming soon for her)

  • Ephraim: Level 17 Lord; HP: 34(+.6); Str: 15(-.15); Skill: 13(-3.15); Speed: 17(+.15); Luck: 15(+.5); Def: 12(+.45); Res: 6(+.75); Con: 8; Lances: B (Ephraim seems to be doing about average, although his Skill is still lacking)

  • Garcia: Level 6 Hero; HP: 48(-.8); Str: 19(-3.65); Skill: 15(-2.4); Speed: 13(-.2); Luck: 13(+1.6); Def: 11(-1.25); Res: 6(-.15); Con: 14; Axes: S; Swords: C (He was promoted to a Hero for the speed and weapon triangle control. Apperently his biggest weakness compared to the average is strength, but being an axe user, that shouldn't be much of an issue. I'm just glad that his speed apperently caught up.)

  • Artur: Level 7 Bishop; HP: 35(-.2); Mag: 19(-1); Skill: 18(-1); Speed: 18(+.4); Luck: 7(-1); Def: 8(-.6); Res: 22(+.8); Con: 7; Light: S; Staff: C (A little bit lagging, but he's still been pretty badass. His class should hopefully increase that badassity in the final few chapters of the game, as his special skill lets him do extra damage to monsters)

  • Kyle: Level 3 Paladin; HP: 43(+.7); Str: 17(-1.5); Skill: 12(-1.8); Speed: 12(-2.8); Luck: 8(-1.4); Def: 14(-1.25); Res: 2(-3.4); Con: 12; Swords: A; Lances: A (He was made into a Paladin for the movement. His stats suggest that in a normal game he probably would have been a better Great Knight though. Anyways, he's probably the worst character I have in my party, so hooray.)

  • Tana: Level 19 Pegasus Knight; HP: 38(+1.25 plus 7 due to item boost); Str: 11(-2.75); Skill: 14(-1); Speed: 20; Luck: 19(+2); Def: 9; Res: 8(-2.75); Con: 5; Lances: A (Thanks to the Pierce skill, I'll probably make her into a Wyvern Knight. It sucks that her Str is lagging, but at least she'll never have issues doubling once she promotes)

  • Ewan: Level 16 Mage; HP: 37(+2 plus 7 due to item boost); Mag: 16 (+.2 plus 2 due to item boost); Skill: 15(+2.4); Speed: 15(-.4); Luck: 17; Def: 5(+.4); Res: 15(+.4); Con: 6; Anima: B (wow, a BLESSED character! He'll probably be a Mage Knight for the horse btw)

  • Duessel: Level 10 Great Knight; HP: 43(+.3); Str: 18(+.1); Skill: 12(-.8); Speed: 13(+.4); Luck: 8(-.4); Def: 17(-.9); Res: 11(+1.4); Con: 15; Swords: A; Axes: A; Lances: A (Seems to be doing fairly average, give or take)

So that's that. Next time, Eirika and co. continues on with Act III of this game.


It feels weird looking at stat screens from other games after Radiant Dawn. I can't tell if anything's good or not out of context, too used to seeing 30's and 40's everywhere.
montagohalcyon 21st Jul 12