The Liveblog of Time: The Great Hunt


Chapter 19: Beneath the Dagger

We catch up with Randís group after a few days, as Selene has been convincing them to stay and wait for Fainís group just one more day for all that time. And this time sheís reduced to going for Distracted by the Sexy, and itís pretty amusing to imagine her standing off to the side, really ticked off that Fain is screwing things up for her like this.

Hurin spots a fire, and Rand and Loial go down to check it out. Itís Fainís group, which means a lot of stuff about trying not to make any noise, then they get away with the dagger and the Horn, plus another Crowning Moment of Awesome as Rand uses his lessons from Lan to take out the Trollocs that come after them, all while resisting using the One Power.

Selene tries to make a grab for the Horn, but Rand gets there first, and then thereís this weird discussion where she wants them to go to Cairhien, while Rand wants to take the Horn back to Fal Dara. Um, have you forgotten that it actually belongs to Illian? In the end Selene gets her way again, and thereís a random Kick the Dog scene for Fain that really serves no purpose.

I certainly wasnít expecting this for a while yet, and suddenly I have to reevaluate the idea Iíve built up about what the book is going to really be about. With the chase/Fetch Quest now over, a lot of possibilities open up for where Randís group could go, though unless Ingtar and his guys find out what happened soon, it could get pretty tiring seeing them chase after people to what we know is no purpose.


After all the work they do I always found it vaguely amusing that the Horn never got to Illian...
Arilou 28th Apr 12
And I always wonder why the Horn was meant to go to Illian in the first place.

...Although while typing out that comment a possible answer just came to me. Maybe the heroes called by the Horn are needed for diplomacy, not war...
montagohalcyon 28th Apr 12