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Ruling The World as Father and Son - Let's Play Civilization IV Against my Dad
Space Jawa

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Wherein I Brief Everyone About What's Going On
Ever since my Dad and I discovered the joys of the Civilization series, and then soon after discovered the joys of playing it against each other, we've had some fun times playing it against each other. It's kind of become a bonding thing for us, especially with me now living as an adult out on my own. I even wrote an article about it once for The Escapist.

More so since I got a copy of the game of my own and we've started playing via e-mail. We've completed two thus far.

Round 1, I was my Khmer against his Chinese, where in I got my butt kicked by CPU Peter and the Russians and had to become a vassel to my dad to keep from getting wiped out. He won sometime post 2000 via a tech victory.

Round 2, which we just recently completed, saw me playing as Isabella of Spain against his Montezuma Aztec. While we mostly picked on other civilizations with one small scuffle after the fact, I managed to pull off a religious diplomatic victory where I gamed the voting distribution system to get a Christian Isabella elected Queen of the World in 1490.

Now comes Round 3, which I plan to liveblog for you all (complete with screenshots!). My intention is to liveblog the entire game, though updates will be intermittent (since it'll be play-by-email, and thus not as fast as normal), but whether I'll do Round 4 as well will depend on how this one goes.

So that you're familiar with how our games are set up, this is what we do:

I think that should cover everything. So if there's nothing else, I'm going to go work out with my Dad who's going to start up the next game.
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