A FATAL resurrection.


The show begins.

The next section is called "Necessary Gaming Materials". let's see what you need.

Apparently it's suggested that each player have a copy of the book, not just the GM. (Because all of you could make good GM's someday!) Everything else seems to be relatively normal. Also, they provide a list of what you need. Here it is.

  • Numerous copies of this book (For repetition's sake)
  • Gaming dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d20) ((up to d1000000!))
  • Character Generation Program
  • Neveria Fantasy World (Note from JBridge: This is a book that explains the game's lore and world.) ((Note from Fusion: Neveria is a sucky fantasy world name))
  • Pencils, erasers, scratch paper, and graph paper
  • 25mm Miniatures or small markers such as coins
  • Gaming mat (1' grid)
  • Calculator (The best one ever)
  • Players (Good luck)

So yeah. There's one problem though- Neveria hasn't been released. at least, not as far as I can see. (That's the best news we'll hear for a LONG LONG time)

The next section describes terminology. They go out of their way to say that they'll be avoiding gender pronouns, replacing them with the singular they unless a gender pronoun is more appropriate. The rest of the section is explaining dice terminology. (1d10 means roll one d10 once, etc.) ((Because people who play these are dense and stupid!))

Now for Math. Considering what I've heard about the game, this might be a long one. "Players will not need math that is more complicated than basic algebra, and even that is rare." (IN WHAT FUTURE WORLD IS THIS BASIC ALGEBRA!?) Hm. Maybe what everybody's been saying about the horrendous equations and stuff was wrong. (HA HA HA No) Also, apparently you always round down in this game. They also give a few examples. Apparently we need basic percentages explained to us, because that's pretty much all these examples are.

Making opening sentences for these paragraphs is starting to be a pain, so I'll just use headings from now on.


Apparently this game's term for the GM is Aedile. (We'll come back to that term in a bit) This term apparently comes from the ancient Roman legal system. They don't like Killer Game Masters. (WHERE THE FUCK DID HE GET THAT!?) Good, I guess. From what I hear it's pretty easy to die in this game, so I guess that's a good thing. The rest of the section is just standard GM stuff.

Creating A Character

This is probably going to be a big section, so I'll leave off here for now.

Well... that was fun. TO THE COMMENTS!

From our lord WilliamWideWeb "The aedile was the Roman officer whose job it was to spend a shitload of money."

JBridge snarks beautifully in response. "Considering that this is an RPG, that might be just a bit too accurate."

Google Fox seems to be breaking down on the other hand. "Accurate? ACCURATE?!?"

Of course this being Tvtropes we default to memes soon. "It's based on famous battles that actually took place in ancient Japan!" "So there's this Giant Enemy Crab... Technically, giant enemy crabs, since it's FATAL."

Then JBridge must ruin our fun. "Actually, there are no ST Ds in FATAL."

This incites a breakdown in Google Fox. "Fail has increased exponentially. Not yours, of course, but... you know.

THAT WHICH WILL NOT BE NAMED" So Voldemort made this game?

Haven's back to his normal self. "For reasons of realism and historical accuracy, I assume."

Now here's Brian's reason...
I searched for information on sexually transmitted diseases in the Middle Ages. Although I did not search with vigor, the few times that I have searched, I have failed to find any information. Some others have made this same argument. When I asked them to provide a source, so that I can include the information, I never heard from them again. If Jason were credible, he would provide a scholarly source.

FAIL. Now see you all next time when JBridge jumps into the mouth of the beast!


I cannot wait until you get to the bits I covered. (If you need it, you officially have my permission to reprint anything I wrote.)

Also... WHY, man? Why?
ManCalledTrue 17th Mar 11
Thanks Man.

Also I did this to make sure it never dies. What happens if the old liveblog system is trashed with all the old liveblogs? People don't get this lulz.

In other words I'm reprinting this FOR SCIENCE!
Fusionman 18th Mar 11