Color Printer and The Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Fire Red

Color Printer
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Part 1 - The Legend of Toasty

So let's jump right in.

So let me sum up the first minute in a few words: blah blah blah tutorial blah blah blah buttons blah blah blah sorry if you've played the earlier installments and know all this already blah blah blah I'm Professor Oak blah blah WORLD OF POKEMONS blah blah I'm a boy blah blah

What's my name? Printer. What's my rival's name? Uhhhh....Scanner. For the lulz.

Blah blah blah legend blah blah blah world of dreams awaits blah blah LET'S GO!

Finally. Jeesh.

So we start the game with me in front of an NES, no doubt having just finished playing Bubble Bobble or something like that. That game is trippy fun. Right away, I do what everyone did in the original least, everyone that knew about it. I walk over to the computer and withdraw a potion. No doubt it will come in handy later.

So let's go downstairs, ignore our mom and the television (there's a Stand by Me reference playing on TV, by the way) and head outside. Well, let's just walk into the grass north of town-oh look, I triggered an event. Blah blah blah Oak takes me to his lab blah blah blah time to pick a Pokemon! fufill the true nature of this challenge, I'll have to go ahead and pick the first one I look at, whether I really want it or not. The problem is that I don't remember the order of the balls, and they're not necessarily in Pokedex order. (i.e. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) So let's pick......the one on the right!

......Of course. It's Charmander. See? I told you. Not in order. Well, the first gym might be hell for me, but we're going through with it. But now Charmander needs a name. We'll call him Toasty. Just because.

And of course, Scanner takes Squirtle. Jerk. Whatever, let's just go ahead and lea-oh right, I have to battle him.

AND OAK OF COURSE WON'T SHUT UP AND THINKS I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BATTLE. I've played Pokemon a bunch, dude. Big fan. I know this crap. Let's just get on with it.

Thanks to a critical hit, I have to use the potion already. It would have been pretty embarrassing to hit Game Over on the very first battle. But I win, with Toasty leveling up to Lvl 6. Thank goodness.

So blah blah Gary leaves and now it's time to head off on my adventure! So let's just go on Route 1 and-

Aw, crap! A random encounter with a Rattata. And I can't capture it because I don't have any Pokeballs, but I have to capture it. So I can't capture anything on Route 1 anymore. Joy. At least Toasty gets some experience and gets to Level 7...and learns Ember! Whoo!

So let's just continue to Viridian City, picking up a Potion from a Poke Mart worker along the way. Oh wait, I have to fight another Pokemon, this time a Pidgey. It goes down without a fight.

So of course we can't continue until we deliver a package to Oak because some old man didn't have his coffee. Or something like that. Also, we still can't buy Pokeballs. Whee.

One trip back to Pallet Town later...

So we deliver the package, get the Pokedex, get the Town Map from Gary's sister, blah blah blah. Let's go back to Viridian City, fighting more Pidgey on the way. Also YAY WE CAN BUY POKEBALLS NOW! Let's get 5 potions and 7 Pokeballs. ....maybe I should have gotten more Potions and less Pokeballs. BUT I'M COLOR PRINTER, PRINCE OF DOING DUMB STUFF!

So let's go west of Viridian City to Route 22 and try to catch a Pokemon. I am NOT going to be doing the optional Rival fight because that would totally go well. So let's walk in the grass and find.....a Mankey! YES! (Also, it turns out that somehow I got 5 Pokeballs earlier, for a total of 12. I probably got them in a cutscene and didn't notice.) Victory is mine! I'll call him Sockit. You know, like sock as in punch?

Well, that wraps up this first part. Next time, we'll be heading for Viridian Forest, catching at least 2 more Pokemon, and hopefully going up against Brock!


There are a few Story Breadcrumbs in this area that I've never seen people mention for some reason.

For one thing, Red's motivation for leaving town is because he peeked at Prof. Oak's computer and read his E-mail.

It contained a message from the Indigo Plateau, saying that the Elite Four are accepting challenges again, (and by the way, they want the Professor to drop by).

Being 10, and not finding the Professor anywhere in town, Red decides that he must have left already and starts leaving town-

By the way, the 5 pokeballs were given to you by Prof. Oak's Aide when you tried to leave the lab again, in an event added in the remakes.
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