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Let's Read John Carter of Mars
Dr Rockopolis

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In Which Rockopolis attempts to explain the hiatus
Sorry haven't posted in a fortnight; things have gotten a bit hectic, I'm going back to college and everything. I think I've worked out my schedule, but I really should have given an update earlier.

On the plus side, the library has a collection of the first three of Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucidar novels, and I hope to resume John Carter Of Mar S soon.

On the downside, I can't feel my fingers, so I'm signing out while I can still use my thumbs. Rock on.
20th Jan '11 1:44:05 PM flag for mods
Cold out where you are too, huh?
SKJAM 20th Jan 11
Yep. College closed today, actually.
DrRockopolis 21st Jan 11
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