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Let's Experience Gungnir!
This should be somewhat interesting. Hopefully I'll be picking this game up myself in a few weeks.
I lament the fact that I can't think of a good Gate of Lament pun
So, I'm rather enjoying this liveblog so far. The battle system seems to be inventive, giving a new and clever twist on a standard layout. Your commentary is quite humorous, and your descriptions are properly detailed. If I pick up my own copy of this game in the days to come, part of the reason why will be because of this liveblog. Keep it up, pal!
Just wanted to say that, since my last comment, I've obtained a copy of the game. I wasn't entirely sure whether or not to buy it immediately when I saw it on the shelf, but my love for Dept Heaven games, the rarity of finding decent PSP games now that the Vita is out, and the fun you've had with the game thus far were all motivating factors.

Since picking it up, I must say that I've definitely enjoyed my playthrough. Since your playthrough has Guilio as a nice guy, I've been trying to be a jerk; while there are not as many major changes as I thought there would be, there are definitely some alterations that effect how battles play out. And here's something kinda funny: even though I read that the three people that show up at Camp are randomly picked out of a larger group, I also have Elaine the Assassin in my roster. Now that I'm about as far in my playthrough as you are in this blog, I'm more hyped than before for your next entry, and I certainly hope that you can get back at this soon!
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