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No Blue-Haired Swordsmen In This One Either: A 2nd Fire Emblem Draft
Cutscene Power To The Max
Was that an Unforgotten Realms reference in the first line?
Doubtful since I'd never heard of it. Out of curiousity what was the reference?
"Let me show you how a real Paladin fights!" It's not exactly perfect but it was the first thing that came to mind.
The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us!
I like how you come up with reasons to send off the undrafted, even if its somewhat silly for Eirika to go take on an army with only 2 or 3 companions.
I have more difficulty thinking of excuses here because there's a smaller cast to begin with and they're fighting an actual war.

Also I miss having a tactician character. I guess I could try to write as Seth since he appears to be the general and he's always around.
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
Interestingly, I was initially planning on doing just that. i was going to have Seth lose an arm or something during that run-in with Valter (seriously!) and have him stick around to advise Eirika, but I never followed through :P
Coming Soon, Ephraim Takes Over A Castle With Three Guys
Franz keeps kicking everyone's ass, huh?


Sounds about right. He's the red knight and the green knight at the same time, after all!
Admiral Ackbar Titled This Chapter
Franz kills all the things!
Heh heh, wait until you see the next chapter.
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