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And Yet Another Fire Emblem Draft Run
Chapter 2
Oh, you actually got a bit of Resistance, nice.
Chapter 4
It's really too bad you don't have any magic users, because they're really good in the gba games.
It's not too much of a bother for me. In Blazing Sword, I didn't have any magical damage until Priscilla promoted near the end of Battle Before Dawn.
Chapter 6
And hnd once again plots to win the race, if not by turncount then by finishing in as few real-time days as possible! [tongue]
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
Revolt at Carcino
Do Gerik and Tethys still join you after the chapter (obviously Innes would)? Not that it matters for me since I'll need Marisa.
Innes auto joins, and Gerik and Tethys join as long as both are still alive by the end. A good rule of thumb is if they start as an allied NPC, they'll auto join, and if they're a pair, then both have to survive.
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
Ruled By Madness (Eirika)
Did you not go for the treasure?
I considered waiting one more turn so that I could get one of the chests and to get Cormag the last 2 EXP he needed to level up. But I figured Cormag would hit level cap fairly quickly in the next chapter. I also looked up the chests and they didn't seem like anything special.
Two Faces of Evil (Eirika)
I don't know how you can do this, I take like a whole afternoon to complete 2-4 chapters of any Fire Emblem, let alone writing up what happened.

At this rate I expect you to finish overnight before I've started.

Oh, wait, I bet you have combat animations turned off.
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
Animations off, Game Speed set to Max, holding A during enemy turns, skip most of the cutscenes and conversations.

I turn on animations for major boss fights though. I like hearing Powerful Foe and Lyon's theme.

I decided after that chapter that I would take a break for the night.
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
The Sacred Stones (Eirika)
... Dang. That was fast. Sad to see that you had bad luck with the level ups, but 243... That's gonna be tough to compete with.
I wouldn't say I got really bad level ups, aside from the only HP gains. Neimi, despite low HP turned out very, very good. Ephraim is just all around awesome. Natasha did get sort of screwed on Magic and definitely Skill, but I also promoted early so there's that.

243 is actually pretty bad I think, mostly due to Chapters 9 and 12 being absolutely awful without cavalry or flying units.
hnd03 (edited by: hnd03)
Fluorspar's Oath
Ugh I forgot what a pain the right side of this map will be without Gerik and Tethys. I'll probably have to leave the village to the pirates.

Then again people will be overleveled, so maybe it's possible.
Last Hope (Ephraim)
Oh, this one ends early with a bosskill? Awesome.
All of the defense chapters do. If Cormag hadn't taken his sweet time in getting there in Chapter 13 for Eirika, I would have killed Aias even sooner.

Oh yes, I'm looking forward to that. Usually I get annoyed by having to hold back.

I guess I forgot killing Riev ended the map since I don't usually manage it until the last turn or two—everyone's running around saving the Rausten knights or collecting treasure.
They're not really worth saving. They're going to get murdered because they have terrible stats and the only reward you get for saving most of them is a Light Brand. It's even worse since the Runesword is not only easier to get to, it's just better.

Most of the items didn't really interest me, except for the Brave weapons on drop, the Speedwings, Fortify, and the Goddess Icon on steal. There's a Fenrir for Knoll or Ewan in the right chest in the locked room, Bolting for an Anima user in the first chest on the other side of the map. And some money, but you've probably got tons of cash.
Eh, I'll take any ranged sword I can get. The Light Brand's problem in Sacred Stones is just that it comes so late, in my opinion.
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