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Let's Play "Bleach: The 3rd Phantom"! Why they didn't write 'Third', I'll never know!
Questions, and Answers, and Voting! Oh, my!
Whether you play as the guy or the girl depends on which gets the harem end, if either.

(If neither, I say the guy, with the name Sugisaki Ken, so I can pretend the harem end exists. I realize that that's the wrong name order, but last I checked, Sugisaki is more than six characters.)
MFM (edited by: MFM)
Matsuri's route for everyone flirts with you at some point and human tank.

Not to bothered with names I'll probably just replace them with the defaults anyway.
Chapter - 01: Meetings Past
I'm torn with the poll. There's Seigen and Konoka, just out of interest of how they'll develop original characters; there's Urahara for the sake of unavoidable hilarity; and there's Kaien and his role in Bleach continuity.

We're still early game, so there's still room for hijinks. Therefore, I say Urahara. Unless Urahara does not have hijinks, which will make me very sad.
Try and get the free time events so that you get the stat bonus . Or you can just powerlevel to the point of overkill, one of my friends said I couldn't get the main to lv99 in the first few battles but the first free battler gives tons of exp. One-shoting most things feels good. I might be able to get some of the cut scene images. I wonder what you get for "maybe" in that choice.

Chapter – 02: Joining the Squad
Lieutenant Aizen and Seigen then congratulate the Kudos

My mind is silly and read that as the word kudos, making me wonder why they were congratulating someone for congratulating someone.

Also, I am inclined to agree about Ukitake and his wonderful voice.
Chapter – 03: The Rukon District
Given there's enough AP for this, I'd at least want to see Seigen, Konoka, and Young Rukia's scene. Seigen's since it's the last chance to anyway, Konoka's to get all the original characters out of the way, and Young Rukia's out of a combination of that Affinity+ sounding delicious and Young Rukia sounding adorable.

Those are the ones that look the most important, so I'll leave the rest up to you.
Free Time Interlude #1 – Seigen and Konoka’s Backstories
Interesting that this is the last chance to view any of Seigen's events. As a result, I'm just going to assume he's a soon-to-be-sacrificed Sacrificial Lion until proven otherwise.
I never noticed so much foreshadowing in this before.
Kudo Twins versus Mad Eater: Round 1!

I'd also say to knock out the affinity/status/item-giving events, since Kyoraku's event is the only one that sticks out to me for personality.
Chapter – 05: Hollow Assault
Oh wow, so many temporary events this time around. I'd personally prioritize Urahara and Soi Fon, just because I'm a fan of those characters. Besides those, feel free to do whatever will get you the most longevity out of this free time.
Free Time Interlude #2 – Investigating the Punishment Force
Oh, now that's just mean.

I'm not sure how important the Affinity +'s would really be, given that this might or might not be the last chance to actually speak with these characters. I'd recommend Rukia, for the reward, and Unohana, because I'm not sure if we've actually seen a free time event for her yet, and continue from there.
Chapter - 06: Soul Reaper Eater
On one hand, I'm a fan of defaults, so I wouldn't mind keeping Matsuri a power type.

On the other hand, GOTTA GO FAST.

Eh, my vote goes to power, though if someone else comes in and suggests speed, I wouldn't be averse to that.
Kudo Twins versus Mad Eater: Final Round!
I'm partial to Kyoraku, and since he only supports with a few characters, you might as well complete his support set and bring along Ukitake as well.
Chapter - 08: New Meetings
I'm now convinced that the story is going to end with Don Kan'onji and Matsuri getting together.

Not sure if that's amusing or horrifying.
Don Kan'onji is gonna make Ichigo an offer he can't refuse...
Hmm... may as well bug Jinta and Kon'onji as they're usually good for a laugh.

I'd either ignore Urahara (expensive) or Ichigo (not his spotlight anymore).

Nice liveblog, by the way.
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