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The Tyrant Spears
First Chapter, motherfuckers <3
"The Tyrant Spears" sounds like a euphemism for well... Penises. (penii? Penes?)
Now that Lady Momus' modelland liveblog is coming to a close, I need a new snarky retelling to keep me occupied. Please keep this up! I'LL GROW SUPER POWERS AND CHANGE MY NAME TO AVERY AND MARRY YOU IN ALL CAPS!
o_o @ Arilou: Mhm. The Tyrant Spears was a way of me reassuring myself of my masculinity <(^.^)> @ Jergling: Awesome! Where do you wanna have the ceremony? Wait..snarky?...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
CaligulaSympathizer (edited by: FastEddie)
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