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Violence In Miniature (Let's Play Touhoumon v1.8)
In Which I Digress Too Much
...Yeah, your image links are giving me 404s.
Yeah, that's working much better. Issues like that are why you check over the post after it's posted, even if the preview looked okay.

As for the playthrough... I really don't like the concept of the Nuzlocke run, myself. But there's a word for my feelings when it's someone else suffering through it: Schadenfreude.
Bwa ha ha. This is gonna be great, especially considering I know at least a bit about Touhou. (Stuck trying to 1-CC EOSD, unfortunately. F*cking Eternal Meek...)
In Which Random Number God Is More Dangerous Than Gym Leaders
And now you've proven why I don't like the idea of doing a Nuzlocke run: having your entire long-term gameplan wrecked by one bout of bad luck with the RNG does not sound fun to me.
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