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Parody liveblog of Star Wars Dark Empire!
Dark Empire PART 3 and 4: Clones!? In MY Star Wars?
"Iím giving whoever wrote this story props for calling the whole Clones in Star Wars thing. Seriously, nice WMG skills right there."

I think the Clone Wars were mentioned as early as A New Hope, and naturally, loads of people wanted a shot at writing about them.
Thank you for pointing it out and the link Cliche. :) Its pretty interesting to see what people's theories were about it! As far as I know, Jedi/Sith/Force Users can't be cloned, so this is outright wrong on that front.

While that could have been somewhat a missed moment of awesome on the Canon series part to have that rule, I think it makes sense, because a force-using clone army could be overpowered.
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