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...And Then Paul Pfeiffer Had A Rib Surgically Removed And Used It To Kill Puppies: Let Us Now Listen To Marilyn Manson
Antichrist Superstar, associated singles and Remix And Repent
So, you'd disagree with All Music Guide's accusation that Antichrist's guitars sound anemic, "like buzzing vacuums instead of unwieldy chainsaws"?
Mechanical Animals and associated singles
I'd argue that it's more likely Manson was angry that everybody focused on Trent's production work as the reason they were successful. (The fact that AMG tells me Trent Reznor is a co-writer on "The Reflecting God" probably reinforces that.)
Lest We Forget: The Best Of and The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix)
Extra useless trivia: a fan once asked Trent Reznor a question about NIN doing covers, and he responded by sarcastically saying he'd love to do a Depeche Mode cover that sounds exactly like the original. (The way he typed it made it clearer it was mocking Marilyn's "Personal Jesus" cover.)
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