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A return to the good ol' hack-n-slash... Let's Play Spiral Knights!
Progress - slow-yet-steady!
Cool! Great work on your accomplishments.

By the way, what tier 2 item did you craft? And what equipment are you currently using? I'm asking so that I can give you some suggestions for progression. Also, I recommend that you upgrade your Weapon(s) and Shield before your Armor and Helm. This is because stronger Weapon(s) allow you to kill enemies faster, and stronger shields allow you to block even more damage AKA give the shield more strength. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Or in this case, avoiding the damage (by using the shield) is better than reducing it (by using armor).

Lastly, if you wish, I can assist you on your journies. Send Verdil (my user name there) a friend request and you are all set.
Whooops! Almost forgot to say this but, what are your preferred playing times? I can hopefully assist you this way.
I usually play in the evenings Monday through Friday, and anytime I feel like it on the weekends.
More crafting, more purchases, more upgrades! More more more!
...What does the game use for voice chat? Does it have it's own internal system, does it tie in to Steam's voice chat functions, or does it require you to use something like Vent?
The game usually allows you to use whatever microphone you have installed or plugged in at the time, but only in dungeons. Thank god for that, too, because otherwise you'd be overcome by all the noise that would more-than-likely surface in the Auction Houses.
Snarbolax Rematch... With Noobs. *sigh*
Oh yes, I know this feeling. Such a headache leading people down there who haven't done it before. Just wait until you hit the Jelly King.
... Bomberman? Seriously?
Erm... I believe you Mis Blamed Sega for that. I believe that Sega is the publisher while Three Rings Design is the developer. So, more of the blame should go to Three Rings Design.
Okay, then.
Reality gets in the way.
This game doesn't end, so I'd say that not having fun is probably a good indicator that it's time to stop playing. It's what I did. (After I got the Spiral Sallet for TF 2, of course~)

Eh, it was just an off day. I had a really good run today.
Duderino, I've been following your liveblog and I'd love to be your wise, knowing mentor, and prevent you from fucking yourself and wasting a buttload of time. :P. Toss me an friendvite, via the name Languray, and I'll mentor your sorry butt all the way to tier 2 in no-time. Because, if you're getting ruined int T1, 2 is going to annihilate you.
I'm doing okay, but thanks. Currently just working to level up my 1-star equipment.
Triumph Amidst Lag
Hi! Thought I'd give ya some tips in a permanent place. :). Okay, for weapons, go with something that does Normal damage, Striker, Calibur, or Troika weapon paths are all three good, depending on whether you want a fast but weak, upgraded proto-sword with a really good charge, or a big honking stick.

As I told you in-game, go with status effects for bombs and guns. The best status is Freeze, since it basically nullifies most enemies for several seconds. So a Cryotech Alchemer and its upgrades, as well as the Freezing Vaporizer Bomb and upgrades are both good.

For shields, You'll want either an Owlite, or Plate shield line. Owlite is more common, and gives you Elemental damage resist, which is really nice, while the Plate has a ton of health, so it'll be better against Shadow and Piercing attacks than the Owlite.

For armor, you want the following resists in order of importance: Normal,Elemental,Shadow,and Piercing a distant last. Almost everything does at least some normal damage, Elemental is by FAR the most common damage type you'll find (At T3 basically everything does elemental), Shadow is used by some of the nastiest enemies, so it's always nice, but piercing is worthless. It's only used by Slimes and Beasts, which are both REALLY easy to dodge or shield, making poison resist on your armor pointless. You might also consider any of the damage boosting armors, particularly the Wolver line, leading to Vog Cub, which is incredible popular, but will hurt your defense before Tier 3.

P.S., The only gear worth getting from the Snarbolax is the sword. It's probably the best Piercing damage sword in the game. The Shield isn't tough enough for the deeper T2 levels, and the bomb is just crap.
... NEVER looking at Gun Puppies the same way again.
Oh boy, if you think that's hard, you haven't seen anything yet. Just wait until you reach tier 3.
Yeah... NOT looking forward to tier 3. XD
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