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Are Marth and Roy in this? Montago's Draft of Blazing Sword
The Unimaginatively-Titled: Introduction
You know, I'm currently winning because of Oswin, probably. Oswin is awesome for the first chapters, but we'll start seeing his shortcomings in Chapter 14, where all he can do well is stay behind and defend Merlinus. We'll see.

Also, read "Osvin" for maximum accuracy :P
Chapter 14 -- False Friends
You know, neither Erk or Serra need to be rescued, only that soldier needs to be killed, and Erk stays put while waiting for Serra. I don't know if this would've helped in saving you turns, I'm just saying.

Either way, nice turn count. I suppose Marcus helped Hector, right? Nice going, didn't think frail units like Guy and Bartre could be that useful :)

Also, if I understand correctly, if Matthew wasn't there to divert attentions, Guy could've killed the pirates+cavalier earlier, no?
Well, all the enemies Marcus would've killed if he wasn't rescuing went after Hector and got handaxed or Wolf Beil'd on their phase, so I know that didn't change anything.

Thanks! :) The forests and triangle advantage helped Guy a lot; I was surprised he got hit at all. Bartre's not bad if you keep him out of trouble; so far he's never really been close to the main front.

You're right, Matthew might've slowed me down...I knew the pirates would pick an unarmed unit over a village, but wasn't sure if they'd attack Guy the same, so I sent both. After that they kind of had to stick together to survive, since all my other units were occupied.

I didn't know about Erk and Priscilla being automatically recruited at the end until several people mentioned it; might've changed my strategy. Ah well.
Chapter 16 -- Noble Lady of Caelin, aka I Am Now The Tactician
Nice, much better than my attempts to write as the tactician.
I had too much time on my hands today, lol. You gave me the idea.
Chapter 17 -- Whereabouts Unknown
I could have saved that soldier if I'd had Raven pick him up...dangit...I never think of rescuing unless it's with a mounted unit or somebody who seems really tough, like a knight.
Chapter 18 -- Pirate Ship
Congratz on the quick finish, and I really am liking the way you're writing this.
Also, I think what slowed me down in this chapter was that I had Matt buy the items, and thus he had to go unload them on Merlinus, eating up a turn.
Chapter 19 -- The Dread Isle
Holy crap dude, that was fun to read! You got so detailed with everything that happened, and you're quite good at describing action sequences. Great job!
That's a relief; I felt like I went a bit overboard.

I quoted the bit at the end because Lyn (and Guy, but his route up north got clogged with nomads) both get interesting boss conversations with Uhai that I didn't discover for a long time; figured others might not know either.

This chapter was just so never understand why people find fog-of-war so frustrating until you try to play one with only four combat units and your thief isn't one of them.

I actually thought about leaving Fiora neutral for a while so she could fight for me, but I can't bear to sacrifice even undrafted units and it would've ended that way.
I liked reading the quoted bit, especially in conjunction with the parts preceding and following it. It fit in quite well, and I actually hope you do it with the other important high tier special boss conversations.

And I agree with the Fog of war comment. Those chapters are generally well made, but they can be a pain to fight in, since you need to worry about enemies coming out of the shadows and are completely unaware of what they're capable of. It only gets worse in Jaffars chapter, when you have to worry about Ursula sniping you from the shadows with Bolting spells, alongside everything else.
Chapter 20 -- Dragon's Gate
I thought it was a neat touch that you left the thief alive since he might have been Legault's pal.
Interlude -- The Journey Home
I feel like mentioning here that I am probably going to have several turncount violations for using Legault to do stuff over the rest of this playthrough. If I do so and forget, call me on it!
I like how you had some of the party members leave the group. That should also keep you from coming up with excuses to not use characters :P
Chapter 22 -- Kinship's Bond
Hmm...I have 14 people in my party now, need to think up excuses to get rid of a few...
Also, BTW readers, lists of EVERYONE's current announced turncounts are on page 2, and my character stats and who's "officially" still travelling with me are on 3. Not sure if it's obvious that I update those.
Chapter 23 -- Living Legend
Wait, why DID you use Legault? Or was it a mistake?
Thieves have 100% chance to find treasure and I wanted the Light Brand, which is also near one of the shaman/wyvern spawn points. I figured it might speed things up if my thief killed them, since he was going to be there anyway. I'm not sure if it actually did...

If I were to redo this, the change I would make is probably to have Heath pick up Legault again and drop him in the south after he got the treasure; Pent could've handled the north and most of my wasted time was from taking forever to get to the southern enemies.
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
Alternatively, Legault could probably have taken the Shaman hit. That's what happened to me. Legault makes a pretty decent dodge shield at this stage of the game.
Chapter 24 -- Four-Fanged Offense
Wow, Guy took out Lloyd in a single strike? Nice, crits can be really helpful, eh?

And Ugh, Crazed Beast is going to give me hell, since unlike you, I haven't got a drafted flier. Gonna take so many turns to get to the other castles...

Still, good luck for the later chapters, as they just keep getting tougher!
Alfric (edited by: Alfric)
Thanks! Good luck to you too!

There is one thing on Crazed Beast that's going to hurt—I've always brought Wil and Rebecca before to snipe out the ballistas. Can't do that now and I'm not sure if their range goes all the way to the east castle. If it does someone'll have to tank for a while.
Chapter 27 -- Pale Flower of Darkness
Am I a bad person for finding the image of Guy slamming his sword into Jermes face so hard that it broke both hilarious and awesome? I've never actually broke a weapon on a boss in this run yet, but this gave me an idea in case something like that did happen.

Chapter 28 -- Battle Before Dawn
I liked the teamwork in that fight! Lyn vaulting over Farina's Pegasus, and then scaring Ursula off her horse before finishing her was interesting to read, and the exploding stained-glass windows was a nice touch!
Alfric (edited by: Alfric)
"In time, could even the innocent prince of Bern be twisted as dark and ruthless as this man Jaffar? Something to ponder..."

I think that line was a bit thick on the foreshadowing, tbh. I did like the Farina+Lyn High-Five though!
Probably overkill, yeah. It was honestly something that struck me this time around though.

Also, I know I'm taking forever to get up the next installment, sorry about that to anyone else who's reading.
Also had Hector and Zephiel talk for the fun of it.

Oh, ha ha. It's funny because Zephiel is gonna kill Hector in the future.
Chapter 28x -- Night of Farewells
Heh, Noble Carrots? Odd ending, but still a rather interesting read. I liked how you got the supports into there and sort of connected them all together, it flowed very well!
I couldn't figure out a way to tie Farina's support in and make sense, so it's going to be before Cog of Destiny. I had to make some reference to it though, hence the tactician muttering in his/my sleep.

EDIT: On second thought, it is kind of random, and that conversation supposedly hasn't happened yet, so I took it out.

BTW, did you read either of the previous two chapters? I tried to elaborate a bit more on the boss battles like you...
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
Actually, now that you mention it, I haven't yet. I'll get right on that.

And now that I've read Farina's support with Hector, I get the Noble Carrots joke.
Chapter 29 -- Cog of Destiny
That fight was fun to read, and I'm surprised you let the fight get so close without any way to heal. Raven got through the fight without actually getting hit, though that was mostly luck, as even with supports Linus had 50 hit chance at minimum. I'm guessing 10 move Farina will help in beating the Berserker (and quite a few other chapters) in a timely fashion, and am curious to see how well she works out for you.
He had about a 50-60% chance of hitting her each time, IIRC, he just got lucky and connected with all of them. She was going to win unless she missed two 82% hits in a row, so I figured it was worth the risk.

After reading how Jonnas used Florina in Prisoner of Magic, I decided I could have Farina carry Hector if I needed to get him somewhere quickly.
Oh Gods. Even if I kill Linus, I've never been able to make it past this one.
Yeah, my first time through when I didn't know anything about Fire Emblem this battle took quite a few tries. Never would have made it without Jaffar and Hawkeye pretty much singlehandedly holding off the entire map.

In this draft, though, the later chapters get easier for a bit because with so few people everyone is overleveled. Such as this one.

Also, I didn't know anyone else was reading my liveblog, hope you're enjoying it! Looking back on these with a month's hindsight, I feel like I tend to wax verbose...
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
This chapter is quite hard, regardless of level, but I like how you can always play the "All out war" style chapters in so many different ways, though I almost always just Leeroy Jenkins the hell out of it with all of my people, especially in the Draft.

Perhaps this is just me, but I find more verbose speech to be characteristic of Fire Emblem, which makes good use of it. Obviously, not all characters would talk like that, but the tactician strikes me as someone who would (though that may be because I see him as a nicer Soren, since he was the first Tactician I'd seen).
Chapter 30 -- The Berserker
The plot and the support was fit in very nicely! I especially liked the last part, and actually didn't consider the implications of one of the eight heroes manifesting to grant their weapon.

Farina is a weird one, isn't she? I'm glad that she seems to be doing well though, and I'd say she has recovered from her bad start, if she could take on Linus and Kaim and win on her own without any help.
Chapter 31 -- Sands of Time, aka I Return From A Month-Long Hiatus
Guy fighting off knights in his sleep was hilarious to picture, and the fight with Denning was quite clever, having Pent melt a hole for Louise to shoot through. Very fun to read!

Also, I'm surprised that you had Bartre fighting with a Devil axe. I'm always too scared of it backfiring and obliterating one of my units to actually use one, so it usually sits in the convoy and rusts. Is your Bartre particularly lucky, or are you just really low on weapons?
Alfric (edited by: Alfric)
Both. It's 31 - luck % chance of backfiring, IIRC. At level 20/20 he has 18 luck, so I figured it was worth the risk.

He did use some other weapons too, I had a few uses left of an iron bow and another axe.
Chapter 31x -- Battle Preparations
I've never actually A supported Hector and Lyn, so that conversation was quite fun to read, and I also didn't know there were conversations with both Matthew and Serra, so that was also quite enjoyable.
Chapter 32 -- Victory or Death
The fight with Limstella was quite interesting to read! I like reading about how others explain things in Fire Emblem, such as how the Morphs have such high defenses (mine being Made Of Iron, yours being magical protections) or how certain spells, like Fimbulvetr, work (mine being a wave of jagged icy spears and blades, while yours being a storm of ice and wind).


I just realized I have 12 slots total for Light and 15 characters travelling with me. This wouldn't be a problem, except that I have reasons to want to bring all the extras with me.

In order of importance:

Decisions, decisions...
montagohalcyon (edited by: montagohalcyon)
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