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Ein Draft von Feuer Emblem
Kapitel 13 - Suche nach Wahrheit
Have you had any other amusing mistranslation mishaps?

Thought my turncount was bad after reading this, but then remembered 1) I had to take an extra turn solely due to the RNG's displeasure and 2) Oswin can one-shot snags.

I managed to rescue the mine village...but then had to discard the mine anyway. Merlinus, where are you?!
So far, this was the only grave mistranslation accident. I'm understanding the cutscenes better and better, now.

Thinking about it, destroying that snag was the only significant contribution Oswin had in this chapter. After that, he wasted Marcus' time by forcing him to carry him, killed an archer and gave Hector help he didn't need. But it really was great help, Marcus alone would have wasted so much time.

According to Serenes, my Hector is above average (except strength) and, Zagan aside, the RNG has been mostly kind to me, as Hector and Oswin mostly hit. Maybe I really am being lucky.

Also, I actually did restart at one point because Marcus had to discard the torch (that wasn't the only reason, the entire strategy was faulty, though). Amazing how much we take Merlinus for granted, I suppose I need to repay him in the next chapter.
Ah, thanks for the serenes forest tip. I was wanting to post a + or - to show how my stats compare to the averages, but I didn't know where to find the average stats besides 20/20. Somehow I didn't think to check Serenes forest :P
Kapitel 13x - Merlinus, der Händler
Dangit, everyone so far's gotten to the boss but me. Maybe I should have sent Guy up there on the next-to-last turn after all.
Kapitel 15 - Der Griffer der Krallen
Oh hey, you're back! Nice to see you again!

That was a really easy chapter. I thought I remembered it being a little harder. Maybe it's because people are overleveled?
It's probably the overleveled Hector, plus the fact that we have no qualms about using Marcus. In a normal playthrough, we avoid using him much.

Huh, an asterisk creates that paragraph? Didn't know that one :P
Kapitel 16 - Edeldame von Caelin
I think Panzerspeer just means "armor spear". "Panzer" means "tank" because it's a contraction of "Panzerkampfwagen", "armored fighting vehicle". Which unfortunately makes the name Panzerspeer a bit less badass, but what can you do?
Tsk, that's what I get for quickly checking Google Translate instead of using a proper dictionary. Thanks for the clarification. If you ask me, Panzerspeer is still a pretty sweet name.

Oh, and pleased to meet you :) Didn't know there were others reading these liveblogs
Did you know, on every level you've completed so far you either hold the lowest turncount or tied for it? I bow to your strategic genius, sir.
Haha :D I think I picked the right characters. Where Oswin can't cut it, Florina will.

You're not too bad yourself. I noticed you had 12 turns for this one. You didn't have Florina. You also had Lyn instead of Sain, who has lances. I don't know if I could've done the mountain/forest crossing in just 4 turns with your units.
Kapitel 17x - Der Hafen von Badon
When I started playing FE 6 recently I was shocked at how useful the horse/armorslayers were compared to the prequel. Guess someone thought they were overpowered?

Of course, you also don't get the Wolf Biel or Mani Katti and the Rapier isn't particularly awe-inspiring.
Hm, good point about the Wolf Beil and the Mani Katti. Still, it's a weird balancing decision, only main characters can wield them, limiting their usefulness.

Still, the Horse/Armorslayer and the like have been nerfed beyond the point of usefulness. They're pretty much pointless, now. At least the reaver weapons are still useful.
Kapitel 18 - Das Piratenschiff
I shouldn't take glee in your lack-of-speed-related misfortune, but...HUZZAH! I beat Jonnas! And still hold the record for this level!

I love myrmidons.
Haha, now I'll start to lag behind :P Your units are now as good as Oswin, and Florina needs to improve ASAP if I am to keep up with you guys.
Kapitel 19x - Das Magische Siegel
Nice! I would have finished in 7 turns, but Aion dodged better than he apparently did for you, stalling for three rounds of misses. I hadn't thought about Kishuna unequipping him.

Although, I really can't see how you seized in 7 turns AND killed Kishuna with Hector...

I think your Florina is reacting in sympathy with her sister. Farina's first two level ups were nothing but HP; hopefully she'll promote soon and get those stat boosts.
Yeah, every one of my characters had less than a 60% hit chance, and I didn't like those chances. Really like how it turned out, considering it was a last-minute realization.

As for Kishuna/Hector... Kishuna doesn't actually need to be killed. You hit him once, he leaves in his turn (Pretty sad, he was just trying to help). Thanks to Canas' bomb, and Florina's carrying, Hector was dropped in range for Kishuna by Turn...4, I think.
Wow, that was pretty clever. I really need to get to using Fiora as a Ferry for Hector. I have wings, I might as well use them.
Kapitel 20 - Das Drachentor
Thanks for that, lol. She got a slightly better level up and promoted to Falcoknight on Battle Before Dawn, so hopefully things'll improve.
And WOW, they did. Night of Farewells, she gained 11 levels, cleared about half the map herself, and killed Sonia.
Kapitel 22 - Blutsbande
I would think it'd be hard just reaching Eubans in four turns, let alone dealing with the other enemies in the way and killing him once you got there.

Of course, you also have a lot more mobility than I did at that point with three mounted units and an extra two draftees.
It was all thanks to Isadora. She starts in the right place, and from there, it's just a matter of keeping her path open.

The trickiest part was keeping her alive (Isadora is surprisingly frail), which I did via Angel Robe and Heal staff.

In theory, it should work with any Paladin, with other supporting units, as long as said Paladin can kill Eubans in one turn. So, only Barrylocke and Alfric could potentially do this as quickly as I did.

And yes, my choice of units is probably my biggest advantage.
I was pretty careful in this chapter so it took me 3 more turns than you. Now that my units are pretty self sufficient, I need to stop bringing so many meatshields.
I took 5 more turns than you. I'm rather disappointed in how this chapter went for me, but I do have to give props for finishing this obnoxious chapter in 4 turns.
Kapitel 24 - Mit Zähnen & Klauen
I went for the prizes and stuff throughout the chapter, hoping it'd help, though most of it wasn't that useful, and it took me a good bit of time to finish. Good job for beating Lloyd quickly though, and I'm curious what Light Brand is in German.
I nabbed the prizes I could, but yeah, pretty much only the weapons at the stores were worth the trouble (and I think one of the enemies drops a Lancereaver? Can't quite remember)

Also, the Light Brand is called Lichtklinge in German, meaning Light Blade. Pretty basic, considering other terms I've come across (I still love that the Gems are called Fire, Water and Snow Jewel)
Kapitel 26 - Unerfülltes Herz
Do the northern wyverns in your game have a tendency to fly straight for the king's palace and perch there unless disturbed? I've always found it odd.
Kapitel 27 - Blüte der Finsternis
I tried to get Harken my first try in the chapter, but he takes a stupidly long time to show up, so I tried it again for Karel and a shorter time. Sad that I couldn't snag his nifty Braze Sword though.
I really wanted that sword too, but I got stuck with Karel...and I couldn't even recruit him. Wouldn't have mattered much though, as no one in my party can use a Wo Dao.
In my experience the Brave weapons aren't as useful as you'd think...sure, you can double-attack, but they weigh characters down and do less damage per hit. Unless it's very important to get both strikes in consecutively I find I'm usually better off with something else.
Kapitel 28 - Kampf in der Dämmerung
The difficulty for me on Unfulfilled Heart is stealing the Knight Crest. Also, because I expect the heaviest attack to be near my lords (you'd think I would learn...), I tend to get overwhelmed in the southern area.

I've still never recruited Harken, because I like the challenge of opening all the doors in time. Looks like he's doing well for you though.
Hm, I tend to forget about that Knight's Crest. I usually don't need it by that point. But the fact that the north is actually a pretty safe area pisses me off, it really should be an attack from all fronts, but instead the enemies will avoid attacking whenever possible.

As for Harken... I tend to rarely recruit him, too :P You know, he requires me to be incompetent and such... Karel is awesome (plot-wise), but Harken is definitely more useful, thanks to axes. No doubt, he'll be great support for Oswin in Cog of Destiny. And the Brave Sword will definitely help against Mr.No-Criticals, Linus.
Kapitel 32x - Der Wert des Lebens
Nergal is going to summon dragons to take over the world. Are Hector and his friends bad enough dudes to stop him?

Sorry, your "thoughts" section made me think of that, and I couldn't resist.

Anyways, quite the nice read, and I enjoyed your theory on Kishuna! I like the different take on it, since it provides another way of looking at the poor old morph.
Eh, I knew I heard similar phrasing somewhere, but for some reason, didn't remember the Bad Dudes :P 'Twas pretty late when I wrote it.
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