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Conquering Eurasia, but not My Asia
Pre-Live Blog Prep
Aww, I like Carthage.

Not, necessarily, in the game; just historically I like Carthage.
As do I! I would've played Carthage if it weren't for the fact that I play them a lot and I wanted to go back to a Hellenistic faction other than the Seleukids. People totally only play that faction for the ridiculous unit roster. :P
I Should've Known Better
Nice job so far. Keep carving out that little empire in India, then take a hard left and take over the Seleucids.

Once you own the whole of the Seleucid empire, you should be more or less unstoppable, though take care about multiple fronts opening up. If you can, swallow the Parthians and Armenians at some point during the fighting.
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