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Silver spear is silver: let's play POWDER!
Floor 0-0: A tentative beginning.
Oh yes, by the way. We'll also need a name and sex for our character. If none are provided, I'll just create a male character named Haven Fumgo.
...It'd be nice if you could at least mention what being a cultist means, gameplay-wise, so we know why it's not worth it.

As for class? My vote is for Necromancer.

A female Necromancer. Named Vilessa.
Xom will randomly decide to mimic the preferences of any of the other gods, and will change which god he mimics whenever it suits him. The stat boosts, skills and spells he bestows are totally random, regardless of who he's currently emulating, so you might get tons of hit points and mana one level, only to get nothing the next.
...That's pointlessly random. And not in an amusing way.
Alrighty, I'll see if I can get a few more viewers on board, and try to get this baby rolling in the morning.
I vote a Barbarian with an upper class name, just for the laughs.

Sir-Captain Elric von Habbenheimer the IV the Barbarian.
I suggest a flamboyant Male Rogue named Gonzo.

Or Evi's name. But still flamboyant.
Xom does have a couple of advantages — the average dice and HP/MP gain over time is competitive with the "restricted" classes, and he can deliver most of the other gods' boons — notably blessing your water, which otherwise only Pax can do. Still sucks when he goes Hruth in the middle of a firefight, though.

Also, POWDER has a Fan Wiki!(Diclosure: I'm an admin and current janitor there.)

Floor 1-1: TitleDrop it like it's hot
I say try again, since you didn't get far at all.
I probably will, but since she was Scrounge's idea, I'll let him make the final call.
Vilessa had her chance. You've got other people making suggestions, I suggest you go down the list until you run out or one of them lives.
Alright. I'll start Evi's barbarian run tomorrow.
Floor 2-1: A New Hero
Yay, you're 1/25 complete!
Yeah, in a game meant to be played in a single afternoon. It takes me all afternoon to play one floor and then put together a single installment.
...So... Barbarians worship a pony? :P
They worship a guy who rides horse on the open steppe, impaling the shit out of orcs with his holy spear, although you're free to imagine barbarians worshiping Twilight Bloodbath or Rainbow Skullcrusher if you so desire.
...Okay. Didn't know if it was a god who rode a horse or a god who was a horse. (Or a god with a horse head, but I don't think they'd be worshipping the first boss of Zelda 2.)

That said, a pegasus that can break the sound barrier would make an absolutely badass warhorse, rainbows aside. :)
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