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Let's Watch: Stardust
Introduction and Backstory
Note: if this sounds familiar, then that means you read the original version from the TGWTG's site. I realized that I had written it in a very live-blog/Agony Booth-recap style, and it seemed appropriate for Liveblogginations.
The book/illustrated novel is far superior to the film. Don't let the film put you off trying it if you can find it at a library.
I agree with hollow49. Don't pass the book up just because it had a less than stellar adaptation. It would be like passing up Avatar The Last Airbender due to the live-action film. The book is very different and a decent read.
WTH Casting
Geez, Victoria didn't strike me as THAT much of a whore....

And are you upset about a Bad Ass actor like Robert De Niro playing a crossdressing gay pirate? Dude, that's the joke.
Yeah, the bit with cross dressing Robert De Niro had me in stitches.
Deus Ex Machina wasn't that bad
I enjoyed this movie despite the too obvious use of Deus Ex Machina. Although now you've explained all the other plot holes, I feel really stupid for not noticing them.
Yes, I agree with—now I feel silly for having liked it a good bit, even on several viewings. Makes me wonder if I'm prewired for fantasy setup and give movies an undeserved free pass on the details.
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