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The Laws of Reality are Crapshoot, it's BESM Time!
Hi, I'm _______ and I'm an Anime
Hmm. What's the schedule and the mechanics for roleplaying? (i.e., once per day, once per two days, twice per week). I'm interested, but I've no experience whatsoever with BESM, and I can't promise I can fit the once-per-day schedule.
Hmm, guess I should have edited that in. Anyway, for the schedule, it's going to be once a week. It's a steady pace and plus for me and my friends, we really only have time on the weekends to do this.
oooh I really want to be in this, but the 19th is the Midwestern Troper meetup. Wait is this a group of people playing or something entirely different?
I'd be sort of interested in this myself if I'm understanding this right. I've read a bunch of BESM sourcebooks in the past, if that helps.
It's a group of people playing. For now, don't worry about the details, I don't know everything myself either yet. Just make up a character with a mini biography of sorts.
Can I help to add examples? and should I send details of character creation to you over PM? actually, can I sign up for this?
Real life game, plus, the GM has maxed out party. No more than five. AS for character creation, just discuss it here with the others. Once we have a basic idea of what the character is like, then we apply stats.

If that fails, we can use a BESM topic on the forums to get this into a more organized conversation.
That poses a problem for me because I'm forum banned. If that's too much of a hurdle I'll be okay sitting this one out. I don't want to, but if necessary I understand.

If not, I'm working on my character guy.
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