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Proof of my Masochism, Let's Liveblog My Inner Life!
Pre-Reading Thoughts
One thing that's very important to realize is the fact that it's ultimately fairly easy to create characters that aren't Sues. The real trick is making that non-sue into an engaging and interesting character.
I know. It's just that I'm terribly paranoid about things, so I make extra sure to balance them out.
Going onto this thing blind? We've got such sights to show you. This is gonna get fun :D
I'm totally showing this on DMF Ap FFT 40 K (Darren Motherfucking Azaki presents Fanfic Theatre 40000) when I finish My Immortal itself.
Disclaimer: This Story Is My Wish Fulfillment.
For some reason in my fanfic days I tended to either tell stories with canon characters acting out of character or ones that featured very few canon characters. Eventually I realized that if I wasn't even going to work within the constraints of canon I should probably just be writing original fiction instead.

That's why I never got the whole Mary Sue phenomenon. Most of the time what pisses people off about this stuff is Canon Defilement and such, after all, so why alter the canon so heavily for the sake of your story if... I don't think I'm making any sense at this point.
Prologue: Dreams of an Absolution
So, if I recall correctly, it's just going to get worse, so... steel yourself. A lot worse, actually :D
I've only ever heard about this fic from this site and grew out of my "watch bad things on purpose" phase a while ago, so this is all completely new to me, too.

In fact, this kind of bullcrap is why I removed myself from that stratum of fandom altogether - I just end up getting mad, and that doesn't accomplish anything.
The Beginning (Part 1): I'm a Better Writer Than You, Jen.
Yeah, that opening paragraph is pretty much my thoughts exactly. Why engage in Canon Defilement when you can just create your own bullcrap fantasy world instead?
The author "fell in love" with Link, the Avatar (stand-in for the player) of Ocarina of Time. She's writing about her lucid dreams about "romancing" and screwing Link.

Making up "your own bullcrap fantasy world" would be missing the entire point of the exercise.
The Beggining (Part 2): Honestly, I'm Pretty Sure Anyone Could Write Better Romance Than Jen, Save For Chris Chandler.
Shallow? You haven't seen shallow.

Wait till the bonding. *shudder*.
The Beginning (Part 4): Generic Lemony Sex
Ah, bad sex scenes, what would horrible fics be without it? :P Seriously, you have my sympathy, this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets worse again. Gotta love My Inner Life
See, I would say something, but this is probably the exact kind of crappy lemon that I, ahem, "discovered myself" reading. Well, okay, maybe with a slightly higher level of quality.

That said, my initial interaction with fanfiction really was limited to lemons (varying wildly in quality) and Sue fics (mostly in MST'd form), so I'm kind of getting flashbacks now.
The Wedding (Part 1): Dramatic Realization
Plot? Plot!? You won't see anything even remotely approaching plot until like Chapter 12 or something. Which will be resolved (by Jenna, naturally) in two chapters.

What you're reading is stream-of-consciousness from a 12-year-old girl who fell in love with a videogame avatar (note: Link is not a character; he is a placeholder for yourself). She fell in love with *nothing*.
Stream-Of-Consciousness from a 12-year old girl that nonetheless decided that the rest of the internet had to read it. And bow to her and her awesome character.
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