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Comic Books from All-Star Superman to Y the Last Man
Introduction/Mission Statement

But All-star Batman And Robin isn't in your domain?
I don't have ASBAR, I might borrow it from a friend, but it's also been gone over so many times it's a lower priority.
Well, I mean... you could always download stuff. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

That said, yeah, All Star Batman and Robin has seen its share of criticism, comment, and mockery. Were I you and I did have a trade or something, I still wouldn't do it.
Carnage part 1
As far as I'm concerned the only interesting thing to ever come out of Carnage is Toxin.

Also... I can't believe I didn't know Carnage had his own book. Huh.
Carnage: Part Two
Venom playing with a baby is a funny mental image.
Maximum Carnage Part 1
That cover... Is that Hexxus? o____O New York getting attacked by a giant smog monster would actually be kinda appropriate, I guess...
Maximum Carnage Part 2
Shit that is terrible art o__O. I wonder if we're being unfair to Liefeld, if the average art was like this in the 90s.
In defense of Liefeld bashing he did lead the charge to terrible art.

But yeah there was a lot of bad art in the decade.
Maximum Carnage Part 5
I keep reading Deathlok as Deathklok. It is a nice mental image.
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