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Let's Play Cyber Knight!
Introductory, Q&A and intial introductory video.
Hehe... I was the editor for the translation patch. Good times. 8-)
just downloaded the roms for both 1 + 2 amoung a myriad of others (chrono trigger for 1) can't wait to get stuck in to good old fashioned snes rpg's
Let's Play Cyber Knight Episode 2: To Farworld and the nearby town.
Well, this looks like an interesting title, and I'm sad to hear that it got lost in the passage of time. After all, such extravagant customization options would be quite at home in the modern market. Anyways, I wish you the best of luck in your playthrough.
Let's Play Cyber Knight Episode 2.5 interlude: Farworld leveling/Neoparts Collection (Radio Swordfish.)
You know, for a bunch of rowdy upstarts, I think your crew actually has good taste in music. Just sayin'.
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