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Clock Tower Blindblog
Awesome. I played this game also, and found it really neat. I love blind runs of unique games I'm familiar with.
You're going to love this game.
Well, the only connection I have to this game is the time I watched a Youtuber named "Madamluna" make a similar blind excursion through it. Regardless, it looks like a rather thrilling experience, and I wish you the best of luck with your future updates.
EndarkCuli this point I'm convinced you're all mocking me.
links all fixed, especially the one to Anchor Haven at the top.
Just running running running like a constipated wiener-dog
It is possible to access your inventory. I think you have to hold a certain button, but it's possible, and also required at some points to use certain items certain ways.
Shadow Warden already messaged me about inventory, I'm addressing it in my next installment. Thank you though!
Well, about your Scissors Man problem, I think I recall a few tricks from that video LP I mentioned. I think that you can hide under one of the beds in the room with the parrot, though you'll have to let the little bugger free and catch him with one of the sheets so he won't yelp when that abomination walks in. I think there's also a garage with an upper level that Scissors Man can't climb up...
You Suck At This: In Which Our Hero RTFMs.
Oh, that was my comment, wasn't it? Terribly sorry about that; I was just worried that you'd get frustrated and end your playthrough prematurely because the game didn't give you enough time to discover these without a madman on your tail. Looking back, I suppose that in a horror game such as this, such information is just as spoilerific as knowledge on the actual plot, and I apologize.

Melodrama aside, I've got a good feeling about where this is going, and I wish you luck.
Don't worry about it, I just wanted to sort of nip any future posts along that line in the bud. I wasn't afraid you were trying to sabotage my blogging this or anything :P anyways I've been pretty busy over the weekend, I'll probably get a session in early next week at the latest.
Timed Hits, Creepy Dolls, and Planning For One's Future
scary from your description

but you have only delt with Bobby so far wait until you meet his twin bro Dan
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