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Time Cube

"As an aside, I really wonder what kind of mental gymnastics he had to go through to believe in this. Does he have a kind of disability? How did his spatial reasoning- make that reasoning in general- get this bad?"

I think I remember hearing somewhere that he's schizophrenic, though I have no idea how true that might be.
I'm totally reading this right now.
"Cyclopic half-brain?" Do you think that Ray might be a Psychlo in disguise?
"I'm not sure how this relates to Time Cube."

I read some of his site a decade or so ago, and I remember something about his theories on race. That there were 4 races, representing day, night, morning and evening. If I recall correctly, day was naturally Caucasian. Morning I think was the Native Americans. Evening were Asians. And of course, night was Africans.

The other 2 sides of the cube, the top and the bottom, were men and women. In that order, naturally.

His problem with mixed-race people probably comes from this, combined with the idea that he has that there is no time between these 4 times. Since it is either day or night, morning or evening, and there's no time in between (because then the "cube" would become a sphere. You know, like reality), there can be no races in between either.

Even though there are. So he naturally thinks that this is an abomination.