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1930s style for a 1930s economy: / liveblogs Baccano!
The fine print (admission for just one soul per day!)
Baccano! interested me, but I just couldn't get into actually watching it.

So I'll be sure to follow this, and make sure to bug you plenty if you start taking too long in between posts.
Baccano! is quite sweet, and I can imagine it'll be a lot of fun to liveblog. I'd personally say you're doing yourself a disservice by not going for the dub, since it's pretty damn good, but hey, it's your choice. Will be paying attention to this.
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Ah, the opening theme is apropriately funky/awesome. But yeah, you're right, the first episode really does end up with a great big "uh... what the hell just happened?" but things become fairly clear after a while, even for a gent who has problems remembering names, such as myself.
Baccano is the italian for "ruckus" and one theme of the series seems to be that the smae events can play very different parts in a story depending on whose perspective you use. The series is mixing elements from the first 3 novels in non-linear order. It's very good, but the first episode is very confusing even though it shows elements from the very ends of some of the storylines - they just don't make any sense out of context.

I saw this series some time ago in my local Anime club and loved it - the DVD set came out recently here in the UK and I started to rewatch it this weekend.

Oh, one bit of warning - sometimes in an episode they'll indicate which year an event occurs in, but at others they'll expect you to recongnise which year/chain of events a scene belongs to without explicitly pointing it out. If it helps to keep track, Firo is most prominent in the 1930 strand, the train is in 1931 and the search for Dallas dominates 1932. (These are the events of books 1, 2&3 (a two-parter) and part of book 4 respectively.) If you watch the DVD-only episodes 14-16, are mostly book 14, the aftermath of the TV broadcast events. There's also one scene in episode 1 that we never get more than that glimse of in the series (Isaac meeting a group of others in a mansion) because it's from another book, but pretty much all the rest of epsiode 1 makes perfect sense by the time you finish episode 13.
hollow49 (edited by: hollow49)
I am left amused and bemused. I must continue to read this liveblog. You must continue to do this liveblog.
Watch it dubbed. D=<

To be fair, I have heard the sub is good, and the bit I've seen was good, but... THIS IS AMERICA BEYOTCH.

Episode Two: Part One
I love the episode titles. They're just plain fun and contribute to the playful mood.
Usually, I don't really like ditzy characters but Isac and Miria strike a chord with me, for some reason, maybe because they're so... I dunno, plucky?
Episode Two: Part 1.618: Latter-Half Saints
Official spelling of that name is Pecho, not Pezzo.
Pezzo makes more sense, though. I also vaguely remember seeing another spelling floating around somewhere, but I don't remember it.
The red-headed conductor is of no importance whatsoever. Dude doesn't even gets his name in the opening credits ! He's just there to control everyone's ticket and provide some color.

The plot for this series really sounds like the setup for a joke : cultists trying to take a senator's family hostages, Ladd Russo and his totally-non-threatening crew, Jacuzzi & Nice trying to steal a bomb from the cargo, two really dumb thieves, whatever Czeslaw is up to, whatever the mysterious woman in fatigues is up to, and maybe this Rail Tracer boogieman, all meet in a train. Mayhem ensues.
Mayhem ensues is a pretty accurate description indeed. One thing, though, I'm pretty certain Jacuzzi's scar actually is a tattoo, but they've gone and hid the details in an episode I haven't seen yet. How inconsiderate of them D:
Well, it's clear that there are a lot of dangerous and/or crazy people aboard this train. No wonder that things tunred out as bad as they did in episode 1, huh?

By the way, why the reference to the Golden Ratio?
This isn't spoiling much, so I'll just say that Jacuzzi's scar is indeed a tattoo; he got it after Nice lost her eye so that she wouldn't feel so bad about having a scarred face.

Also going to keep track of this Live Blog now because it is awesome; even though you really should be watching the English dub because it is spectacular. Err, in an audio-like-sense. Auscultacular? Anyway.
/, I love you and I love your liveblog. I feel like I've said this in all the comments so far. I shall say it again! But not this time. That'd be dreadfully repetitious. I can also say that this liveblog is making me want to watch the show, but where's the fun in that?
The fun of watching a really good show?
Episode III: Pt. the First, brought to you by Doritos
Hehe, funny entry this time, good proof you can be funny about stuff that's actually good too, a lesson that'd save me a lot of pain if I had learned it earlier. But seriously, I also like how Ladd & Lua's relationship is such a nice mix of terrifying and romantic, you know, like a certain bestselling bookseries should be.
Just to add to your confusion, Randy and Pecho are in fact part of the 1930 storyline, as will later become clear. Don't get too hung up on what year everything is happening in right now and it will all fall into place later.
/! Update soon! Please? :3
I understand that you might want a break over Christmas and some jobs get very demanding around new year, but I do hope that you will get back to this at some point.
Episode III: Pt. the Second, brought to you by the Ad Council
The dub has Nick call Nice "boss", so I'm assuming the "sister" thing is just the whole Asian "call everyone by family names" deal.

So Zombies can't grow beards? Then have my life been a lie? D:

Regardless, the three-way holdup was pretty damn funny.
The woman in green has not had her identity confirmed as yet so I won't spoil it for you.

Poor Jacuzzi - he must be absolutely traumatised by all this. I'd probably get a phobia of travelling by rail if I were in his shoes.
Episode 4: Another Rail Bites the Rust
Yay, Rail Tracer at the end, finally!
What was the pun?
It lives!

Rail Tracer is quite popular with fans of the show - it seems you don't get enough blood-drenched urban legends of death and slaughter appearing in anime nowadays.
Aoede: Literally what's on screen for a few frames at the end.
Episode Five Point One Surround Sound
Okay by this point I'm positive that this is an elaborate prank at my expense. Over three times as many comments as installments, seriously?
At first, I didn't like Jacuzzi much, but he really grew on me (a bit like Isaac & Miria, although they grew somewhat faster) It's actually quite amazing how many characters there are, most of who that's likeable characters. Even Ladd :P
Ladd's the sort of guy who's a lot of fun to watch from a safe distance.

The other side of the fiction/reality divide is probably far enough.
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