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Cliche gets an auditory consumption of Black Eyed Peas
Elephunk: Let's Get It Started
The video for this one was incredible, honestly. did you see the Super Bowl? The Black Eyed Peas really got retarded in there.
Monkey Business: My Humps
"Hump" and/or "lump" has got to be the very least erotic way to refer to... anything.

Probably because they imply either birth defects or cancer.
Monkey Business: Pump It
This is the one that samples Dick Dale's version of "Misirlou"? Meh. I love that song, but I heard BEP's thing on the radio once and I was like, "Puff Daddy sampling *rolleyes*".
The E.N.D.: Missing You
hey, they just released a new album.
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