Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

"Welcome to the porch."

In case you haven't read it yet, the following sums up The Old Folks.

You ever been to one of those big family reunions, where there's dozens of people of all ages? Noticed how the kids tend to find someplace where they can run around and play and be loud and sort of wild, and the older aunts and uncles tend to congregate somewhere away from the loud kids and talk? Sometimes the talk is serious, and sometimes it gets silly. If the kids want to come over and join the conversation, the adults don't chase them away, but they are expected to be calm and behave. That's what this forum is ó the old farts sitting around on the porch talking while the kids played tag and chased the dog and had squirt gun fights over there in the yard.

That said, Hi there [[troper]]!

Welcome to the Old Folk's Home. This is pretty much Yackfest for us older folk. We're a pretty laid-back group here, and we welcome people of all physical ageóbut there are a few important guidelines.

1. You should be willing to act like you are seventeen or even older. Leave the drama and the angst, but please bring your brain.

2. Speaking of leaving things, forum memes and image chains are not really appreciated in this sub-forum.

3. Thread derails, so long as the topic is interesting, are fine here. This is as much a chatterbox place as the other Just For Fun segments.

4. This forum moves pretty slowly; we all have jobs and lives off of the internet. If you posted in a thread and there's not an immediate response, cool your jets. We saw it.

5. Incidentally, 'bring your brain' also applies to spelling and grammar. We'll be patient, but we expect you to do at least a quick read-through before posting. [Tropers-under-the-influence not exempted]

6. All other Forum rules apply. See for more information.