Herald's Greeting

Here is the text of the greeting:

Greetings, [[troper]], and welcome to the webcomic forums. Here's where a surprisingly large number of tropers gather to discuss online comics.

Some of these comics are fairly conventional, while others use Flash content and other internet tricks to full effect. Some include long passages of nothing but pure text. Needless to say, webcomics are a diverse bunch, and may overlap with other media. As a rule of thumb, if the creator says it's a webcomic, it's a webcomic, regardless of the content.

Like all the different forums, these have their own set of rules and guidelines. In this case, these are:

1) Be polite, don't be offensive. The standard forum rules apply here. Also, remember that (perhaps more than any other of the media forums) a large number of webcomic creators like reading, and sometimes participating, in the threads about their work. Keep that in mind when you post.

2) If you are such a webcomic creator, don't be overly aggressive about promoting your webcomic. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but TV Tropes is not here for services like that. If you want to promote your work, you can post in this thread.

3) If you are posting links to a NSFW (Not Safe For Work, meaning nudity and/or extreme violence) comic, be sure to warn other tropers of such in the same post. If you're making a thread on such a comic, it's probably best if you put a warning in the thread title.

4) When creating threads, try to make sure that there isn't already another active thread on the subject or work. Duplicate threads, unless the original has been inactive for a long time (i.e. several months), will typically be locked by a forum moderator.

5) If you're looking for new webcomics to read, don't start a new thread asking about it. Webcomic recommendations have their own established thread, so go to there instead.

That's it, really. If you still feel confused about something, go ahead and ask.

So dive on in, and be sure to enjoy yourself. After all, there are so many webcomics, and so little time.