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Belleville : I don't really like the quote. It just doesn't capture the spirit of the movie. So I grabbed the names of one of the songs from the soundtrack, where Carl is throwing the stuff outta his house. Seems more fitting to me.

Ghilz: Changed the page quote. I like That Guy with the Glasses as much as the next guy, but if we are going to put a quote at the top of the page, why not go for something from the movie itself? I stuck this quote because I felt it fit, but It's been a while since I saw Up, if anyone remembers a better line from the movie to fit at the top of the page, go ahead and change it.

Trogga: Why does this need to be in the Film namespace? There's no other page called "Up".
  • Because Up is too short for the search bar, but Film/Up isn't.

As someone pointed out in this film's Headscratchers section, there is a type of squirrel in South America, and this is Paradise Falls, a fantasy "land lost in time" where snipes are real, anyway. Fridge Logic discussions and bulleted lists will clutter this page, but there's plenty of room for that here.

LittleFish: Hello, this is my first time editing something on this site, but I feel there is something I can contribute (If this falls within the criteria of what the site is supposed to cover), although I don't know what section to put it in: ANWAYS, Carl had many, many balloons. Muntz had a few balloons wrapped around him when he fell and (likely, imo) died. In this instance, could the balloons be a metaphor for the "true" spirit of adventure? Carl and his wife had it in spades and lived meaningful lives, while Muntz, despite living an "adventurous" life, in the end was overcome with ambition and greed, having lost most of whatever it was that makes one a "true adventurer."

Perhaps I'm just thinking too hard about it, but when I first saw Muntz fall with the few balloons tied to him, the first thing that clicked in my mind was "Ambition can't carry you, otherwise you will fall! Ambition is not adventure!"

Sylocat: I made a couple of edits: Firstly, I thought that Russell's dad not showing up at the end (even after Russell dropped expository hints that he was) was a pretty clear example of Reality Ensues. Secondly, I thought the Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! entry was funnier when the example was titled "AttentionDeficiSQUIRREL!"
Removed this:

Because I didn't think he was that annoying, but than again, I don't really looked into the fandom, so what do I know.