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Harpie Siren: This has been annoying me to no end, so I made and entry for C:KND with it's proper name. But I don't know how to redirect Kids Next Door to this one.

Looney Toons: Never fear. Unless someone else has already done it, I'll take care of it. For future reference, the format is [[redirect:PageName]].

Kimura: You escape-sequence'd it wrong. For a redirect command to not be detected, the brackets have to have seperate escaping, rather than the whole thing at once. Like so: [=[[=]redirect:[=PageName]]=].
Anyway, I was thinking, since the page ends with "[END TRANSMISSION]" like the episodes do, should we start the page out with a KND-style opener, a la the SCP Foundation page? Kinda like this:
        now loading:
kids next door mission


(Just gotta figure out how to backronym T.V.T.R.O.P.E.S., and we're in business. And probably also center it if possible, or do it manually with a bunch of spaces.)

Newton the Newt: I suggest:
Pothole to Tv Tropes Will Ruin Your Life

Kimura: Sounds good. By the way, how do I center text? I could probably do it manually within the monospace command, but it'd look weird.
Edit: Nevermind. Table with border=0.