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Cidolfas: There's got to be a good trope that talks about the insanely awesome way H*R mutilates the English language. It's like Joss Whedon on speed. Verbing nouns is just the start.

a wiki handle: I changed You Mean "Xmas" (Subverted with Decemberween) to just You Mean "Xmas" (Decemberween), because it seems like a straight use of the trope to me. Could somebody explain what the subversion is, please?

YYZ: There's absolutely NO good reason to change Christmas to Decemberween - no Moral Guardians who would complain, and the setting doesn't require that all holidays be renamed (Halloween, for example, invariably comes through intact)... but, as with most of the site, it is random, quirky and just plain weird. IMHO that can't really be called a straight application of You Mean "Xmas", because their reason for using it is completely different from most other victims of the trope. Nobody changes a holiday's name just for the hell of it.
  • Addendum: There are few Moral Guardians or Media Watchdogs petty enough to be offended by "Thanksgiving," but the Brothers Chaps have been inconsistent about that name as well (their Macy's Parade parody was merely called a Fall Float Parade), and probably for the same reason: just for the hell of it.

Paul A: It sounds like a parody, but not technically a subversion.

Ununnilium: Then I'll change it to "Parodied with Decemberween"! ^-^v

(random passer-by): I always thought Coach Z's accent sounded more Canadian, perhaps Newfie. I am trying to recall whether he says "eh?" I haven't watched those in a while.

Teeth: Anyone else think SBCG 4 AP deserves its own page now, given the sheer number of links to it on this site?

Trogga: Why is Bgal so convinced we need to link to the Character page in the summary when it's already automatically linked below the search bar? (S)he says other pages do it, but won't give an example.