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Goldfritha: Big Damn Villains? What on earth is that refering to in the comic?

Earnest: Well, the entry in BDV has "it would be completely out of character for sweet Princess November to kill the Forest Witch, and the Puss In Boots is too much of a coward to fight her, so naturally it was up to Red." I've never watched it, so I'm taking it on faith that this happens.

Goldfritha: Except, of course, that would require Red to be a villain.

Earnest: Well, it counts if she's a Token Evil Teammate, but not if she's an Anti-Hero. The show's description has her as Ax-Crazy, but doesn't say which of the two she is. I take it she's an Anti-Hero and not outright evil?

Goldfritha: Yes. Also, she doesn't happen to show up; she's part of the party.