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Reference to Soul Calibur

  • Now, like I said before, I would explain why there's a clear reference to Kilik while Tifa is using a pipe as staff in DF 5. Now, I know that because of the style being so generic, some of these could be "accidental" references. BUT, like it says in the comment on the page, there's at least one that it's a clear reference.
  • Check at 2:45 in DF 5 (The Full Version), the move where Tifa jumps and attacks from above. Now, it's not that the weapon of choise is the same, it's not that the move is basically identical, but it is the fact that the camera slows down slightly during that brief moment, just like in Soul Calibur IV, that makes the reference obvious. You can see see Kilik doing the same move (although more "flashy") at 1:13 here.
  • Hope this clears any doubts. :)
    • Tifa borrowed more moves from Kilik - her first few attacks with the staff are like two of his directly after another and sped up a bit, the same goes for the staff-whirling immediatly after her jump-smash and her thrust before the stick is cut - maybe all possible moves with a staff are very generic (I'm by far no expert on that matter), but whenever she attacks a single opponent, it looks remarkably like on of Kiliks moves.

Spoilers policy

  • Does anyone think this article is getting too heavy on the spoilers (for a series that's barely getting to the plot)? I can understand it for new characters or battle outcomes, but is it really necessary to hide weapons or fighting techniques or who gets hit by what? I mean reading about this stuff won't in any way keep your jaw from dropping when you actually see it.