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Most of those referral links need to be changed to the new numeric format to actually work.

Cambdoranononononono: I've updated everyone except HaudNomen - I don't know how to determine the number for your referral link unless you have a custom avatar - and I removed Kasu and Thuellai because those players don't exist.

NekoIncardine: It might be nice to have people who have reached their 50 Referral Bonus voluntarily drop their link, so that those who are just starting to get those bonuses get more. Or, since the Mysterious Power Bloodline is pretty easily observable IIRC, just automatically drop it from those players.

Cambdoranononononono: How is it observed? I just got it recently (and removed myself because that's a good point), but can't tell from my sig or character lookup.

NekoIncardine: Looking at this from a lot later... It isn't observable automatically, in actuality. I was incorrect on that.

Indalecio: I like Bv S as much as anyone, but that list of people is huge, and it looks really ugly. Can we move it somewhere? Maybe to this discussion page.

That list is an abomination that shames the game we all like to play. It really needs to go to somewhere else. And by somewhere else I mean deleting it. - Whoever deleted the entries, pm me ingame (Cornuthaum) and I'll send something shiny your way.