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  • Karma Houdini - Seymour
    • Yes, because being too shocked to save a dentist from dying, and letting a man who was holding you at GUNPOINT die so deserves punishment.
      • That might be because of a mix of Adaptation Decay and Alternate Character Interpretation.
      • Were we all watching the same film? How about the It's Suppertime sequence? The chorus girls are doing their seductive dance, representing the temptation, as they go "Come on". Seymour looks nervously as the plant pops up with a smile that pretty much says "You know I have a grip on you." Seymour looks down, trying to think of the morally right decision. "What do I have to do?" "Just feed it." Seymour keeps stalling, as he makes a quick decision to back Mushnik into the plant. Once he sees Mushnik bending down, he realizes this may not be such a good idea. "Ummm, sir?" But it's all too late. The murder is done. And instead of saving Mushnik, like he did with Audrey, he just cringes in fear, disgust, and guilt. A "What have I done look?" crosses Seymour's face.
      • Considering nobody has made a comeback after a couple days, I think it's safe for me to put this back on the main page.

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  • Don't take it too seriously. This is a site where nerds without any social life [probably other aspies] spend their time catalouging every single thing ever done in the history of entertainment. We're not exactly curing cancer here. We're just nerding it up and having fun. Try not to think of this site as anything more than a fun little project. Taking this sort of thing too seriously can cause loss of sanity ...Okay, that's a bit far. But still.