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Cassy: You guys are aware that the lyrics of "Sweet Dreams" are anything but sweet, uh? (OK, I'll stop the snarkiness here. The Sugar Wiki's a great idea, I just prefer venting on the Darth Wiki. Gimme a cuddle, I'm snarky cause I'm bitter and devoid of puppies.)

L Guardinal: We know, but the overwhelming power of our positive emotions makes even the darkest of songs sweet! Even the snarkiest of tropers cannot rant beneath our pastel banner!

Insanity Prelude: Isn't this just The Same, but More of Crowning Moment of Heartwarming? Either way, I'm loving the Sugar Wiki so far.

Seungmina: I have to say, the comment about Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane was right on the money. I started to read it at about the same time I read Lord of the Flies, and after reading a few chapters about the darkness of the human soul, a little bit of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane would perk me right up.

The Astronaut: Erm, can we remove the bit about Xuan Ming and the other Agent Orange babies? I respect that YMMV, but punctuating a 'Sweet Dreams' article with pictures of children born disabled and deformed because of chemical warfare seems kind of counter-productive.